Time for Summer Drinks / by Steve Willingham

It's time for summer drinks. Not only do we have all our drinks available iced, we've got cold brew flowing constantly and a couple of new specials for you to cool down with. Right now for cold brew, we've got a blend of two different Colombias from Heart Roasters that we are steeping for 14 hours to get a sweet, tart, floral iced coffee.

We always have a good time coming up with something new. Our June special, espresso cream sodas, are available in two flavors: vanilla and blueberry-ginger.

Vanilla cream soda is the classic. Think of our espresso cream soda as a caffeinated take on that using a little espresso added during the process of making homemade cream soda.

Blueberry-ginger is a unique take on the same idea. Instead of basing our cream soda with vanilla and sugar, we base it with fresh blueberry juice, ginger, and a little sugar. The result is a sweet and spicy but refreshing soda.

And don't forget iced teas. All our teas are available iced, but seriously, you need to try out the orangesicle rooibos.

- SW

Iced Citron Oolong Tea

Iced Citron Oolong Tea