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Drink Special: Clarity Cool Down by Caleb Savage

Happy Summer! 

Clarity Cool Down.jpg

With the hot and humid Oklahoma City Summer, we decided our Summer Drink Special should be something nice and chilly! 

With a little help from Wilbur Curtis’ new Chill X, we’re pleased to present our vision of a coffee slush: the Clarity Cool Down!

Clarity Cool Down Pouring.jpg

Coffee Slush?

Yes. The Clarity Cool Down is a Cold Brew Slush made with Brown Sugar and Minor Figures Oat M*lk! Using cold brew concentrate, the Cool Down has about as much caffeine as any of our regular coffee drinks, and since we’re using Oat M*lk, it’s also vegan!

But Seriously, A Coffee Slush?

Specialty Coffee sometimes gets a bad rap for being too serious about how coffee should be prepared and gets to decide what “is” and “is not” Specialty Coffee. We’re not really about that.

Specialty Coffee is about care. The care farmers and producers show when planting, harvesting, and processing coffee cherries and the care roasters and baristas show in preparing the coffee for service. While Specialty Coffee refers to a level of coffee quality scored at the farm or mill, specialty coffee is about preparing and showcasing great coffees, and we think our Clarity Cool Down does just that.

We’re super pumped to share our summer special with you! Stop by next time it’s a million degrees, and let the Clarity Cool Down help you beat the heat!

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New Milks and Sustainability by Steve Willingham

For the month of July, we’re bringing back the Maple Pecan Cold Brew!

Maple Pecan Cold Brew

If you’re not familiar with this special from last year, it’s a bit of our house made 14-hour cold brew, Malk pecan milk, and maple syrup. Sweet and refreshing for the hottest days of summer.

We’re also continuing the Oatmeal Latte that we re-launched a few weeks ago.

This drink is simply espresso, brown sugar, and oat milk. We first featured this drink in 2016, but we found it difficult to consistently get the oat milk that we were using. This is no longer a problem thanks to our friends at KLLR Coffee and their distribution, so this drink won't be disappearing at the end of its run on the specials board. It will just find a home on the secret menu

Our specials board looks like it has a theme this month. Everything on it is vegan.

When we started Clarity in 2015, we had two alternative milks on the menu: almond and soy. Then we discovered how delicious coconut milk could be and added it as a special and then, eventually, as a permanent addition to the menu.

Since day one at Clarity, we’ve had sustainability on our minds. Serving coffee has an impact on the environment no matter what precautions we take, but we know we can mitigate that impact through intentional decisions and expanding our non-dairy options to fit all sorts of tastes.

Alternative Milks

Last month, we added oat milk as a permanent offering. Now, with pecan milk added on for the Maple Pecan Cold Brew, we think it’s a great moment to talk about what alternative milks can mean for coffee, namely sustainability.

When we look at a drink like a latte, the milk actually accounts for two-thirds of the carbon footprint. Using a plant-based milk alternative significantly decreases that footprint. Almond milk, for instance produces less than half the emissions that dairy does, even after accounting for the longer distance it has to travel.

Coffee is hugely affected by climate change. In fact, a study in 2015 estimated that land suitable for growing coffee will be cut in half by warming temperatures by 2050. The warmer weather has already caused an increase in pests and diseases that have actually caused national emergencies in coffee growing countries. The impact on the rest of the coffee supply chain reminds us of our responsibility to the environment.

Here are a few of the things we’re doing as a company to be better.


The most important thing you can do to limit your environmental impact is reducing what you use. We take that seriously and always have. For instance, we worked with TAP Architecture to use the latest in lighting technology. Every light in our entire space, save one, is LED. Most of our coffee equipment has the ability to go into an energy saving mode at night, so we can both reduce energy usage and limit the wear and tear caused by heating and cooling the machine daily, a nice compromise.

And this effort continues even now. Last month, we installed new insulation in our ceiling and on our heating and cooling system to make that part of the space even more efficient.

Clarity Coffee Latte

An even bigger impact, wasted coffee and milk plague both a coffee shop's carbon emissions and their bottom line. When we get together for training, we keep more than just quality and extraction on our minds. Part of the job of a great coffee professional is to limit the amount of coffee, milk, and other materials that are wasted.

We won’t serve you a drink that isn’t exactly right and reliably tasty, so the occasional drink has to be tossed. What we can do is limit the amount of mistakes that happen through a constant training effort and utilizing the latest technology to avoid inconsistency.

We work to be consistent in dosing out and steaming milk, so we rarely steam more milk that we need, which would be poured down the drain. Then we use a milk pitcher rinser to quickly rinse milk out. And that’s not just to save time. It saves thousands of gallons of water per year versus rinsing in a traditional sink.

And when it’s time to clean them more thoroughly, we use products from Seventh Generation and Better Life to make sure nothing harmful ends up in our sewer system.


Clarity Final (1 of 28).jpg

Sometimes you need to take your coffee to go. No judgments here. We have disposable cups available every day. And if you’re able to bring your own cup, we’d love to put your coffee in it. Don’t have one? We have Hydro Flasks available in black or white.

But when you can, we love for you to stay and enjoy your coffee here. Not just for sustainability’s sake. We also just love having our friends here drinking coffee with us. Next time you stay, we have reusable cups in all shapes and sizes to fit perfectly with the drink you’re enjoying.

Drinks that are traditionally stirred, like cappuccinos, espressos, and the like, are served with a small spoon to eliminate the need for disposable stir sticks.

And just recently, we added reusable totes to our shelves for those who are interested in cutting down on disposable grocery bags. Keep an eye out for these new totes and the Hydro Flasks on our online store.


Clarity Final (28 of 28).jpg

There are two recycling bins here in the store, and we take it seriously. We go through dozens of gallons of milk, tons of La Croix, and plenty more each week, and every last carton, can, and bottle is put into the recycling bin.

At first, we were packing our recycling up at the end of each day and taking it to a large bin, but after a few months of that, we partnered up with Fertile Grounds to do a weekly recycling pick-up. They’re an outstanding organization and if you have any recycling or composting needs, I highly recommend them!

What’s Next

Aardvark Paper Straws

Improving our sustainability is a constant process. There’s always something more we could do.

The next step for us is to eliminate our plastic straws by working with the paper straw company Aardvark. Our aim is to have this going by the beginning of August. Stay tuned to the blog to learn more about Aardvark, paper straws, and why it matters.

Coma Coffee Roasters by Caleb Savage

Coma Coffee Roasters promises to bring uncompromised quality, due respect to a coffee’s origin, and a platform for learning, expression, and experimentation to St. Louis, Missouri and the greater coffee community. We got to hear from Connor James who serves as Coma’s Coffee Programs & Account Manager to learn a little bit more about Coma, St. Louis, and of course, coffee.

Connor James roasting something tasty (Photo courtesy of Coma Coffee)

Connor James roasting something tasty (Photo courtesy of Coma Coffee)


Founded by siblings Corbin and Macy Holtzman (COrbin + MAcy = COMA) in July 2016, Coma was founded with the idea to bring a quality coffee and a community space to the University Tower, located in central St. Louis. Along with Connor, this team of twenty-somethings are passionate and ready to make an impact in the world of coffee:

“We are fortunate enough to find ourselves amidst this industry at a very impressionable time. Coffee is in a transitional period of sorts, and we are quite literally reshaping how coffee is understood and experienced.”  

These high expectations are coupled with an emphasis on connecting consumers with the story and history of a coffee’s origin as well as offering a space for creativity, humility, and experimentation within the cafe experience.

Barista Cameron McCarty (Photo courtesy of Coma Coffee)

Barista Cameron McCarty (Photo courtesy of Coma Coffee)

Inside University Tower, you’ll find a beautiful Synesso MVP espresso machine paired with high-ceilings, giant windows, and marble countertops. There, you’ll be able to taste coffees roasted for “optimal sweetness without compromising acidity.” While this is the ideal, each coffee is roasted to it’s own, distinct profile to ensure that each coffee is presented as best as possible. Every cup of Coma coffee should be “sweet and acidic with a lingering, lasting session.” 


If you find yourself in St. Louis, Connor has some great recommendations for what to do after you’ve found your Coma caffeine fix:

“For drinks, Blood & Sand, a speakeasy style restaurant and bar. There is literally nothing they don’t do extremely well. Check out Four Hands Brewing for their IPA’s, Urban Chestnut for their Old-World Style beers, Perennial for their sours and Earthbound brewery for something funky and experimental.  For food, I swear by everything local chef hero Gerard Craft does. He has numerous restaurants around the city with different ethos and styles; a few to name are Taste, Sardellas, and Pastaria.  For experience, check out Art Hill surrounded by St. Louis Forest Park. Our art museum sitting atop the hill, overlooks a gorgeous fountain and skyline view of the city in addition to showcasing some of the most splendid paintings, sculptures and cultural pieces.”


Big things are in store for Coma as they celebrate their 2nd place finish at Coffee Fest Chicago in America’s Best Cold Brew Competition.  

Photo courtesy of Coma Coffee

Photo courtesy of Coma Coffee

This victory comes just in time with their launch of large scale Cold Brew distribution in St. Louis.  Be on the lookout for their Cold Brew in restaurants on tap!  Also coming soon to the Coma Coffee family is work on creating a shared space for their roaster and a new cafe in STL.

We’re so excited to share Coma’s passion and energy for coffee and community with you in Oklahoma City.  

New July Special! Maple Pecan Cold Brew! by Steve Willingham

We have created a new special for July: the Maple Pecan Cold Brew. It's exactly what it sounds like. Cold brew, sweetened with maple syrup, and mixed with pecan milk for a creamy texture and unique flavor.

That doesn't mean last month's specials are going anywhere. While the Big Red flavor is gone, we do still have espresso cream sodas and cold brew lemonades!

Keep an eye out for some other exciting things coming later in the month!