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Drink Special: Clarity Cool Down by Caleb Savage

Happy Summer! 

Clarity Cool Down.jpg

With the hot and humid Oklahoma City Summer, we decided our Summer Drink Special should be something nice and chilly! 

With a little help from Wilbur Curtis’ new Chill X, we’re pleased to present our vision of a coffee slush: the Clarity Cool Down!

Clarity Cool Down Pouring.jpg

Coffee Slush?

Yes. The Clarity Cool Down is a Cold Brew Slush made with Brown Sugar and Minor Figures Oat M*lk! Using cold brew concentrate, the Cool Down has about as much caffeine as any of our regular coffee drinks, and since we’re using Oat M*lk, it’s also vegan!

But Seriously, A Coffee Slush?

Specialty Coffee sometimes gets a bad rap for being too serious about how coffee should be prepared and gets to decide what “is” and “is not” Specialty Coffee. We’re not really about that.

Specialty Coffee is about care. The care farmers and producers show when planting, harvesting, and processing coffee cherries and the care roasters and baristas show in preparing the coffee for service. While Specialty Coffee refers to a level of coffee quality scored at the farm or mill, specialty coffee is about preparing and showcasing great coffees, and we think our Clarity Cool Down does just that.

We’re super pumped to share our summer special with you! Stop by next time it’s a million degrees, and let the Clarity Cool Down help you beat the heat!

Clarity Cool Down Above.jpg

August Special - Agave Lime Latte! by Caleb Savage

It’s the first of the month and that means it’s time for a new drink special! The Maple Pecan Cold Brew will stay around for a little bit longer and you’ll still be able to order the Oatmeal Latte from the Secret Menu. For August, we’re introducing a new syrup, Agave Lime!

Agave Lime Myriad Gardens.jpg

Honey Water

Sometimes known as aguamiel or “honey water”, agave nectar is made from the agave plant grown primarily in Central and Southern Mexico. As a sweetener, agave nectar is sweeter than sugar with a slight caramel taste increasing in intensity based on the color of nectar and variety of agave plant used.

Agave Plant Myriad Gardens.jpg

Agave plants are also used in the production of Mezcal and its more famous variation, Tequila. While Mezcal can be made from the juice of the piña or fruit of any variety or blend of varieties of agave, tequila is a type of mezcal that uses only Agave tequilana, commonly known as Blue Agave and must be grown in the Mexican state of Jalisco or one of a limited list of municipalities in a handful of states surrounding Mexico’s fourth most-populous state.

Agave & Coffea arabica

Just like the coffee plant takes five years to mature and begin producing coffee cherries, an agave plant takes an average of eight to twelve years before it can be harvest for syrup, Mezcal, or Tequila. Coffee and agave are also similar in producing the final products of coffee (the drink) and Mezcal or Tequila. Farmers may choose to grow a handful of specific varieties of agave or coffee plant on the same farm and blend the juice or seeds or a cooperative might blend the same varieties from a number of farms into their final product.

Coffea arabica and Agave tequilana are also unfortunately similar in their growing scarcity. For coffee, an explosive growth in consumption combined with low wages, climate change and disease threaten the availability of high quality coffee in coffee’s most famous and historic growing regions. For agave, a fluctuating market price, increasing popularity of Agave Nectar, and the fact that we’re often consuming a product planted over a decade ago impacts the price and quality of a Happy Hour Margarita.

Agave Lime Latte.jpg

Lattes & Cream Sodas

Our Agave Lime syrup tastes great hot or iced in a latte or in an Espresso Cream Soda! This syrup is a take on your classic vanilla latte with a prominent floral aroma and a refreshing clean citrus finish. You’ll notice a more complex sweetness similar to caramel.

Whether you’re looking for a new flavor combination or a summery drink that works in any type of Oklahoma weather, the Agave Lime Latte is a great fit!

Shout out to our neighbors at the Myriad Botanical Gardens for letting us take some pictures and learn about plants with them. Check them out to learn more! They have a lime tree, tons of varieties of agave plants, coffee plants, and a plethora of botany knowledge! More pics below!

Mocktail Night by Tanner Ruminer

Hey there.

Tanner had a great idea to create some coffee cocktails. Below he talks a little bit about his idea and the upcoming event he and Tyler are working on. 


Before I explain the Mocktail Party in further detail, I feel it's necessary to explain the inspiration behind this event.

If you’ve been in Oklahoma City long, you have probably had the pleasure of enjoying a drink from at least one, if not many of the amazing craft breweries, bars, or coffee shops in the area. Being located in the hub of OKC, we are deeply appreciative and inspired by our specialty drink neighbors. They consistently show us that there are always new, innovative, creative, and most importantly, delicious drinks to be tried.

So we want to thank all of the great craftspeople that we are surrounded by for always amazing us with their passion and creativity.


We feel that Specialty Coffee and Specialty Cocktails are like cousins. Both take place behind a bar. Both show a level of dedication to a craft. Both areas are full of smart and passionate people that love what they do and want to see their communities grow!

So we got to thinking. How can we shine a spotlight on what our neighbors are doing for people that maybe otherwise wouldn’t experience it? Or people that just have a love for both coffee and mixed drinks?

The solution that we came to is a Mocktail Night.


This event will be hosted after hours at Clarity on May 17 from 7pm to 9pm.

Tyler and I have curated a menu of five drinks inspired by classic cocktails, prepared in a way that blends well with the craft of specialty coffee.

We designed ways of using coffee as a substitute for alcohol, imitating flavor aspects that might come specifically from alcohol, using ingredients that share those flavors. Each drink will be priced appropriately, try one or try all of them (but I am really excited for you to try all of them if I'm being honest)!

The Menu

We really want you to be as excited about these creations as we are, so here is a little sneak peek of the menu that we have put together. Sneak peek in the sense of, it is the whole menu, but we will explain each drink in more detail the night of the event!

Ramos Espresso Fizz.jpg



Espresso Fizz

Inspired by the Ramos Gin Fizz



Inspired by the Mojito


The Re-Fashioned

inspired by the Old Fashioned

Dark n Still Stormy.jpg

Dark 'n' Still Stormy

Inspired by the Dark 'n' Stormy



Inspired by the Paloma

Advance Tickets Available

Save money by getting tickets ahead of time! Grab your bundle of drink tickets before the event. Get a bundle of 3 or 5! You can use them all yourself or share with a friend. Drinks will also be available to purchase during the event at regular price. 

Bring some friends and enjoy the shop after hours. We can't wait to make these for you! See you there!

Lemon Chili Mocha by Caleb Savage

As the season for Blood Oranges comes to a close and we say goodbye to sweet citrus goodness of the Blood Orange Latte, we welcome back an old favorite, the Honey Lavender Latte!

It's also time to bring a brand new special to the board, the Lemon Chili Mocha. Made with Nathan Miller Chocolate, crushed Aleppo peppers, a little cinnamon, and a hint of lemon, this drink special combines all the things we love about coffee: bright acidity, a clear sweetness, and smooth lower notes.

Lemon Chili Mocha.jpg

Heat + Sweet

Finding a balance between a pepper with enough heat to come through in the drink without being considered too hot can be difficult. Moreover, each pepper, like coffee, has its own flavor characteristics based on its genetics and the location in which the pepper is grown. For this drink, we looked for a pepper that would have an approachable heat but would also bring out the complexity of the chocolate and the espresso.

Grown in Northern Syria and Turkey, the Aleppo Pepper is similar to a Ancho Chile, commonly known as a Poblano, found and cultivated in Puebla, Mexico. The Aleppo pepper adds savory notes of cumin, red pepper, and salt. While most of the heat is balanced with the chocolate and lemon, dairy milk naturally lessens the intensity of the pepper. For our alternative milk friends, we recommend using a milk with a little more sweetness like Coconut Milk!

A Hint of Lemon

To finish the drink, we include lemon to accentuate the heat of the pepper with a bright, sweet citrus note that reminds us of a lemon drop. In a way, this latte is familiar like chocolate covered oranges or a spiced hot chocolate, but all together, the ingredients add an interesting complexity and a subtle savoriness not found in most lattes.

We always hate to say goodbye to the Blood Orange Latte, but we’re excited to bring you March's specials! Give them a try next time your in the shop!