Clarity Coffee was founded in 2015 on a dedication to and love for quality coffee and meaningful conversation. We offer the finest single origin coffees and an espresso blend from our partners at KLLR Coffee. We want to get into the details of coffee science to extract the tastiest coffee possible and try to deliver it to you in a friendly way, in a comfortable setting. Whether you're coming in for a quick espresso, taking a coffee to go, or using our space for working or relaxing, we hope you'll feel welcome and impressed by our drinks.





Tyler is the head of training at Clarity and the one you're most likely to see smiling behind the bar in the afternoon. His spare time is spent with his wife Taylor adventuring, reading, drawing, or hanging out with their new baby, Myles. He's also the only barista at Clarity who hasn't seen The Office. We're working on it. 



Caleb is our manager and leader. He lives in Capitol Hill with his wife Abby & dog Abraham. You can find him at the shop most mornings chatting about public transportation and bicycles. Caleb’s a big fan of making our city a better connected and more accessible place to live, work, and drink coffee. 

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Callie is a barista, a college student, a florist, and a total blast to be around. In addition to running the bar at Clarity, she also runs a business with her sisters: The Wild Mother Creative Studios. In her spare time, you'll catch her listening to Dinah Washington and/or playing with her pupper, Dove.

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Aria is a Virginia native with a passion for art and people. She met her husband Ryan while she was living in Iceland and moved to OKC in 2017 to be with him. She has a photography degree from George Washington University, so when she isn't making coffee, she works on experimental film photography. You'll find her work in art shows around town. Keep an eye out for one!

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Tanner is a latte art wunderkind and a self-titled banana sommelier. He has nine tattoos, but unfortunately, only one of them is about coffee. When he isn't at Clarity, you can catch him making coffee all over town with his coffee catering business, Bygone Coffee or playing with his cute pup, Cooper.



Cynjn loves coffee and traveling. He is a die-hard Liverpool FC fan and would wear his jersey everyday if he could. If you can’t find him in the shop then you may see him driving around the city for KLLR probably listening to Mumford & Sons or a Liverpool game. He also enjoys rock climbing so you may be able to find him at the gym with friends.



Lindsay is a long time barista and Oklahoma’s biggest fan – that’s why she has the state forever tattooed on her arm! She enjoys long walks to work and scooting to Empire for great pizza. She loves finding reasons to ride the streetcar so if you need riding tips, hit her up the next time you’re in the shop.