Espresso Cream Soda

Drink Special: Agave Lime Latte Returns by Caleb Savage

Happy August OKC!

Broadway Musical Hamilton is at the Civic Center, Van Gogh, Monet, Degas is at the Museum of Art, and we’re less than two months away from Kings of Leon helping us open Scissortail Park! It’s a great time to be in the Arts District!

A new month means it’s time for a new drink special! Our Clarity Cool Down will be available all summer long, but for the month of August, we’re bringing back a favorite syrup from 2018, Agave Lime!

Background Art:   Jess Wedel

Background Art: Jess Wedel

More Than A Great Syrup

We never set out to make an average drink special. Sometimes good ideas takes months of refining until we’re ready to share it with our friends as a special. We love the complex sweetness, subtle vanilla and clean citrus taste of our agave lime syrup, but, as we said last year when we first released the Agave Lime Latte, agave and coffee have a number of similarities:

“Just like the coffee plant takes five years to mature and begin producing coffee cherries, an agave plant takes an average of eight to twelve years before it can be harvested for syrup, mezcal, or tequila. Coffee and agave are also similar in producing the final products of coffee (the drink) and mezcal or tequila. Farmers may choose to grow a handful of specific varieties of agave or coffee plant on the same farm and blend the juice or seeds or a cooperative might blend the same varieties from a number of farms into their final product.

Coffea arabica and agave tequilana are also unfortunately similar in their growing scarcity. For coffee, an explosive growth in consumption combined with low wages, climate change and disease threaten the availability of high quality coffee in coffee’s most famous and historic growing regions. For agave, a fluctuating market price, increasing popularity of agave nectar, and the fact that we’re often consuming a product planted over a decade ago impacts the price and quality of a Happy Hour Margarita.”

If milk drinks aren’t your thing but you still want to try the syrup, add it to an Espresso Cream Soda, Americano, or Cold Brew for a refreshing twist.

Background Art:   Jess Wedel

Background Art: Jess Wedel

See you in the shop soon!

May Specials! Espresso Cream Soda! by Steve Willingham

The Espresso Cream Soda is back!

This one was a favorite last year. We use a house made vanilla syrup, Heart's Stereo Espresso, sparkling water and organic cream to create a coffee cocktail that is sweet and balanced and ridiculously refreshing.

We've got a little something up our sleeves to expand on this drink in a couple of weeks. Can't wait to share!

As always, we have iced teas and cold brew this time of year. 

Right now we have a super tasty blend of Colombia and Ethiopia for our cold brew that tastes like cherry cola. It's perfect for hot days, and there are plenty of those on the way.

For tea, we've always got our English Breakfast black tea and Gunpowder green tea, but right now we're brewing Urban Teahouse's Rooibos Zanzibar. We were shocked at how amazing this tea is iced. Its spices come out strong, but it's still refreshing and sweet without any sugar added. It is definitely a good caffeine free option.

Oh, and don't forget about iced matchas! We always have Matcha Lattes on the menu, featuring Woodshed Tea's amazing matcha blend, but don't forget that anything on the menu can be iced, including matcha. It's sweet and savory, and when it's iced, it's reminiscent of ice cream.

May is an exciting time for us because we get to start making all our favorite iced drinks. Come out and try some!

August Lemonade Drink Specials by Steve Willingham

The new drinks for August have a theme: lemonade.

The inspiration for this month's drinks is Mikey's idea for a cold brew lemonade.

First, he took Heart's Stereo Blend, a blend of Colombia Pitalina and Ethiopia Idido, and steeped it at room temperature for fourteen hours. This gives us a cold brew coffee with a nice cherry cola taste to it.

Step two was the lemonade. Normally we only use scratch ingredients to make our drinks, including our standard menu of vanilla, chocolate, and caramel syrups. But this time, we found the perfect lemonade for this project: Alta Palla's sparkling lemonade. We use equal parts lemonade and cold brew with just a touch of simple syrup to make a refreshingly simple coffee cocktail.

You know what else pairs perfect with lemonade? Matcha! We're adding this to our secret menu. We make Woodshed Tea's matcha with a little water and lemonade and serve it over ice. Or just grab a can of sparkling lemonade because sometimes that's what summer calls for.

Last month's espresso cream sodas went over really well, so we're keeping them on for a while. And we have that homemade cherry-vanilla syrup. Have you tried it in a latte yet? It tastes like a cherry Tootsie Pop. That'll be on the specials menu as well.

Swing through and check out these tasty drinks any time this month. We're excited to have them. See you soon!

New Cold Drinks for July! by Steve Willingham

We're introducing a few new drinks for the month of July, and they have one thing in common. They're all cold and refreshing.

One of our favorite things about local coffee shops in Oklahoma City is that we all have a different take on unique specialty drinks. We've taken the opportunity to use several fruits in our specials.  Remember blueberry-ginger? Or how about the Neapolitan, featuring freshly juiced strawberries?

This month, we approached cherries as the new coffee companion.

Espresso Cream Soda

Espresso Cream Soda

I think we may have a new favorite. This month we're introducing an extension of last month's Espresso Cream Soda. Now we'll be featuring a cherry-vanilla syrup, made in house using only natural ingredients. You can try out this drink or use the syrup in a latte or cold brew. All of these taste amazing!

Cold Brew, Summer Love Herbal Tea, Jasmine Pearl Green Tea

Cold Brew, Summer Love Herbal Tea, Jasmine Pearl Green Tea

One summer drink isn't enough though. We'll be keeping you cool with delicious cold brew and iced teas. Urban Tea House's Summer Love is a hibiscus tea with dried fruit like apples and blackberries. It's so sweet and refreshing! And check out our newest tea partner, Woodshed Tea. These are the guys who provide us with a matcha blend that we can use to make iced matcha lattes. They've found a beautiful hand-rolled green tea that has been infused with jasmine aromatics. We're keeping this one on hand, iced and ready to go, so come check it out.