October Drink Specials by Caleb Savage


This Fall weather had us so excited for the next few months we launched our #PSL on the first day of Fall! We wrote about the Spice Islands and their impact in our favorite Fall Special here!

If you were a big fan of the London Fog, never fear! London Fogs are available year round on our Secret Menu!


We said goodbye to Maple Rosemary and now it’s time for the Fig Thyme Latte! Fans of the Maple Rosemary Latte will enjoy the balance of savory and sweet in our November drink special as the sweet fruitiness of Fig pairs will with the subtle and warm thyme flavor.



Whether you’re all about the pop-culture phenomenon that is the Pumpkin Spice Latte or you’re looking for a more complex or savory way to celebrate the cooler temperatures, we’re excited to serve our new specials!


Hearts for Hurricane Relief Latte Art Throwdown by Caleb Savage

Last night, members of the Oklahoma coffee community came together for “Hearts for Hurricane Relief,” a Latte Art Throwdown presented by Green Country Throwdowns and Elemental Coffee to aid relief efforts in response to Hurricane Harvey.  

Caleb, Tanner, Callie, and Steve all participated, but the competition was fierce. Ultimately Ben from Topeca Coffee took home the gold. Congratulations, Ben!

Tanner Ruminer Latte Art Throwdown.jpg

Tanner Ruminer

Representing Clarity Coffee

Callie Palmer Latte Art Throwdown.jpg

Callie Palmer

Representing Clarity Coffee

Caleb Savage Latte Art Throwdown.jpg

Caleb Savage

Representing Clarity Coffee

What is a Latte Art Throwdown?

n a typical throwdown (aka pour down or latte art slam), baristas buy-in to enter the competition and the winner walks away with bragging rights and everyone else’s money. In last night’s event, all proceeds were donated to One America Appeal, “a joint appeal by all five living former American Presidents to encourage their fellow citizens to support recovery efforts from Hurricane Harvey.”

These events are a popular way for baristas all over the world to get together and show off one of the most easily recognizable skills in the coffee trade, latte art. While the rules change from event to event, typically two competitors face off by steaming and pouring a randomly selected basic latte design: a heart, tulip, or rosetta, into a randomly selected cup size: macchiato, cappuccino, or latte. Throwdowns are almost always an exciting and fun event for all and are a great chance for coffee fans, regulars, and friends to hang out and support your favorite barista! Generally, throwdowns are a lighthearted way for baristas to compete with each other and just hang out with friends, as compared to other more serious coffee events like the US or World Barista, Brewers, or Roasters Championships. We held a latte art throwdown last year. You can find a little recap of our event here.

Elemental Coffee Latte Art Throwdown.jpg

About One America Appeal

While initiated in response to Hurricane Harvey through the George H. W. Bush Presidential Library Foundation in Houston, the One America Appeal has been expanded to include those affected by Hurricanes Irma and Maria. From the appeal, “All donations made today will go to help victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Hurricane Irma in Florida. In Texas, monies will go to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund focusing on the greater Houston region, and the Rebuild Texas Fund assisting communities across the state. In Florida, monies will go to the Florida Disaster Fund, which is the state’s official private fund to assist the state’s communities as they respond to and recover from destructive storms. We are actively exploring similar arrangements for Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.”

We were thrilled to be able to sponsor the event with prizes for the winner, and we’re thankful for all of our friends who helped make this event happen! Shout outs: Oklahoma Shirt Company, Green Country Throwdowns, Anthem Brewing Company, District House, KLLR Coffee, DNA Designs, Saint Anthony Industries, Barista Magazine, Handground and Chemex Coffeemaker.


April's specials are in, and they are a perfect fit for Spring. SB created the new Cardamom Rose Latte to fit right in next to the Honey Lavender Latte. That's right. The Honey Lavender Latte isn't going anywhere. We're keeping it on for April. 

The new drink is a another house made syrup made of only natural ingredients, like all the others. We source our cardamom pods from Native Roots Market in Deep Deuce and our rose buds from Savory Spice on Western. These are steeped like a tea in a simple syrup until the syrup takes on the flavors and aromatics of the other ingredients, then the insoluble bits are filtered out.

We're adding this syrup to espresso and milk to make our Cardamom Rose Latte, either hot or cold. 

If you want to mix up your Honey Lavender options, try it iced or in a hot chocolate. They are both delicious options. 

Can't wait to have you by to try out our newest concoction!

Honey Lavender Lattes are back! by Steve Willingham

Another returning favorite!

We brought the blood orange latte back in January, and it was a hit! Unfortunately, the warmer weather has made it difficult to find delicious fresh blood oranges, so we've had to say goodbye. 

Don't mourn the blood orange latte just yet. We've got another returning favorite. We started the honey lavender latte last March as our introduction to spring, and for that, it is perfect. We take local honey and blend it with lavender buds sourced by our friends at Savory Spice to make a syrup. Mix that up with some espresso and milk and you have a delicious honey lavender latte.

We're also going to feature another tea from Urban Teahouse this month. Rooibos Zanzibar is a blend of rooibos leaves and spices from Zanzibar, Tanzania. It's a nice caffeine-free option for your afternoons.

Swing by and try these out this month. See you soon!