Throwdown / by Steve Willingham

The Oklahoma Coffee Collective, OKC's coffee trade guild, is hosting its first latte art throwdown next Thursday, January 21st, at Clarity. Come by that night around 7 if you'd like to compete or come around 7:30 if you just want to watch. We'll have some tasty food and beverages.

Poster by  Muted Post

Poster by Muted Post

If you've never been to a latte art competition, let me run through some rules for you. Two competitors go head to head each round. First, they draw out of a hat to see what they will pour.  This could be a heart, a rosetta (the one that looks like a leaf,) or a tulip. While one assigned barista pulls espresso for each set, the competitors will steam the milk for themselves. Each barista will pour his latte and present it to three judges who will decide on the winner. Latte art throwdowns are single-elimination, so the winner will move on to the next round while the loser is knocked out entirely. If we have an odd number of competitors in any round, the third person will get the by.  Make sense? Good.

Tulip on the left, rosetta on the right

Tulip on the left, rosetta on the right

This time around the winner will take everyone's $5 buy-in and a bunch of swag from La Marzocco, so be ready to pour your best stuff. Come check it out next Thursday. It's going to be a lot of fun.