Hilltop Farm

Honey Lavender Latte by Paul Zimmerman

For the rest of March, we'll be serving a new Spring specialty drink on bar at the shop. We wanted to come up with a recipe that tasted fresh and sweet while paying homage to Spring and blooming flowers this month. 

Our Honey Lavender Latte is just that. 

We sourced local honey from Hilltop Farm outside of Guthrie, Oklahoma. After adding near-boiling water to thin it into a syrup, we add a few teaspoons of fresh lavender buds. Our friends at Savory Spice hooked us up with the lavender buds and are rad in general. You should definitely check them out at 4400 N Western Ave

After 30 minutes of steeping in the hot honey syrup, we remove the lavender buds via a tea strainer. This ensures that the lavender flavor and aroma are present in the final drink without being overpowering to the other components. Lavender is easy to over use and make whatever it's in taste like soap so we definitely wanted to avoid making it too strong. 

After letting it chill in the refrigerator, we start prepping our latte with the strained syrup. 
We pull espresso directly into a latte bowl with 30g of our syrup in it. Lastly, we add steamed milk to the espresso mixture. Voila! 

Sweet and creamy, floral and light. The local honey is delightfully incorporated in the creaminess of the milk while the lavender, as the main aroma, subtly compliments the citrus and chocolate flavors of the espresso. 

We're really stoked with the balance of sweet and floral of the Honey Lavender Latte. Come try one and tell us what you think!