KLLR Coffee Roasters / by Caleb Savage

Since we first heard about KLLR, the team at Clarity has been really excited to taste and serve KLLR Coffee at the shop. Hopefully, you’ve been able to try some of their offerings over the last couple days and heard a little bit about the company.  In case you haven’t, we got to talk to our friends at KLLR and find out a little bit more about the company, the coffee, and where you can try some K(i)LL(e)R coffee.

Oklahoma has a phenomenal coffee community. Even setting aside Tulsa’s great companies like Topeca, Foolish Things, Cirque, and more, Oklahoma City offers a variety of places to try coffee in all of its food and drink combinations, locations, and style. While some may raise an eyebrow to “another” coffee company in the Big Friendly, KLLR is hoping to come alongside the community already established:

“We’re really lucky to have a community filled with passionate, intelligent coffee professionals as well as home baristas and just coffee shop junkies. But we aren’t starting KLLR in spite of the developed coffee culture. We’re starting KLLR because of it. There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of people in Oklahoma City who want to progress in their coffee skills and knowledge. We see KLLR as an opportunity to provide the resources and tools to do so.”

KLLR is focused on “making great coffee and supporting the people who make it.”  Whether that’s training, equipment, or fantastic coffee, KLLR is looking to serve both the professional barista and the coffee enthusiast.

If you’ve checked out their website, you’ll notice a straightforward approach to their offerings. In the name of stability,  KLLR buys coffee first for quality and second for consistency.

KLLR Coffee Bags.jpg

“But by having a core lineup of two Ethiopias, a Colombia, and an Espresso Blend, we’re able to give some consistency within our lineup. However, within that core lineup will be a variety of coffees throughout the year. You’ll see new Ethiopian coffees and Colombian coffees, new coffees for the Espresso Blend throughout the year. Then we’re also going to keep smaller lots of coffee regularly under the name Small Batch. These will be particularly special coffees that we find that aren’t necessarily right for the regular lineup.”

Located in Uptown 23rd, just down the street from the Tower Theatre, UR/BUN, and the newly opened Scottie's Deli, KLLR is excited to be roasting coffee for shops, restaurants, and the people of OKC. You can find KLLR at Native Roots, Hall's Pizza Kitchen, Crimson & Whipped Cream, Cafe Kacao, and even as a Cold Brew Smoothie at Wheeze the Juice! You’ll always be able to grab a bag off our shelves at the shop and we’ll be featuring their coffees alongside our usual roasters as well other new and exciting coffees and companies we find along the way!

A sketch of KLLR Coffee HQ by the talented folks at  405 Architecture

A sketch of KLLR Coffee HQ by the talented folks at 405 Architecture

We’re thrilled to welcome KLLR Coffee Roasters into the Oklahoma City Coffee community and can’t wait to see what’s in store for them in the future! We’ll be serving both their Washed Ethiopia and Colombia over the next couple days, you won’t want to miss it!