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Palate Training: Berries Recap by Steve Willingham

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We had a great time hosting our third palate training at the shop today! Focusing on Sun-Dried Processing and Berries, Aria and Caleb walked through the basics of how we taste, coffee processing, and then compared the different berries to each other and KLLR Coffee’s Sun-Dried Ethiopia!

We use palate trainings as a way to share coffee with friends and demystify the idea that tasting notes in coffee is only for real coffee drinkers. Your palate is shaped by the foods you like and don’t like, the experiences you’ve had, and the number of coffees you’ve drank.

How We Taste


Aria took us back to Elementary school to remind us of the five parts of taste (sour, sweet, salty, bitter, & savory or umami) and then discussed how aromatics, tactile sensations like body or mouthfeel, and involuntary reactions like puckering can influence our perception of taste. In short, blueberries taste like our perception of blueberries. If we think critically about what we are tasting: examining the sourness, sweetness, aroma, etc. of each item, we can relate the different attributes of that food to things like wine, cheese, or coffee!

Sun-Dried Processing

palate training processing.jpg

Processing refers to the process of transforming coffee from coffee cherry to coffee bean, ready to be roasted. In the Sun-Dried process, coffee cherries are picked and dried on raised beds with the fruit still attached to seeds. This drying process imparts wild flavors onto the beans that are vibrant, juicy, and sweet.


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Home Brew Techniques & Troubleshooting Class Recap by Caleb Savage

We had a great time talking pour overs and extraction in our first Home Brew Techniques & Troubleshooting class! We’re so glad we were able to spend time sharing insights, techniques and cups of coffee with our friends! For those that missed out, here’s a quick recap on what we covered:

The Best Cup of Coffee

A great cup of coffee is a cup you like to drink. If we want to dive a little deeper into making coffee, we’d say that a great cup is one that’s extracted evenly, pulling out all of the good qualities of the coffee while leaving all of the bad qualities behind. When brewing at home, a great cup should also be one you enjoy making. We don’t believe there’s only one right way to make coffee. If you don’t enjoy what it takes to make the “perfect” cup at home, then it’s not perfect for you and we can find a method that works best!

Home Brew Coffee.jpg

Extraction and the Importance of Brew Recipes

When we talk about coffee brewing, we’re talking about extraction. We can combine and change variables like the time coffee is in contact with water, the quality of the water, how even and how fine the coffee is ground, the temperature of the water, and how much we disturb or agitate the grounds to create an even extraction that leaves the coffee balanced in sweetness, acidity, and bitterness.

Home Brew Class.jpg

With so many variables taking place in coffee brewing, one of the ways we can control for them is by using brew recipes. We discussed how variables like grind and time work with each other and how using brew recipes that come from companies whose coffee you enjoy is a great place to start. In the class we discussed recipes from KLLR, Heart, Ritual, & Blue Bottle!

As always, we love talking about coffee. Anytime you have a question, we are more than willing to hunt down the right answer and find a solution that works for you! We loved taking these fun deep dives into various parts of the coffee experience! If you’re interested in learning more about our monthly events, you can sign up for our email list here!

On Espresso: Ethiopia Guji Highland from KLLR Coffee by Steve Willingham

Right now, we’re pulling an espresso that’s pretty unique for us: KLLR Coffee’s Sun-dried Ethiopia, a natural processed blend of heirloom varieties from a farm in Guji.

KLLR Coffee Ethiopia.jpg

Most of the coffees we feature are processed using the washed, or wet, process. In the washed process, the cherry’s skin and flesh are stripped off using a mechanical depulper, but a sticky layer of fruit called mucilage remains. This remaining fruit is first loosened by soaking in a fermentation tank, then rinsed off. The coffee is then dried so that it can be stored until it’s time to roast. These coffees are known for their crispness and balance which is what we love.

In natural, or sun-dried, coffees, the cherries are spread out on a patio or drying table first, intact. Over several days, they dry up just like any other fruit would in the sun. Then the fruit is removed mechanically, and the new green coffee is stored. Sun-dried coffees are known to have intense fruity flavors which makes it a unique, delicious single origin espresso for us.

Fresh coffee on the left, sun-dried coffee on the right. (Photo courtesy of  Coffee Shrub )

Fresh coffee on the left, sun-dried coffee on the right. (Photo courtesy of Coffee Shrub)

Here’s a bit about this coffee from KLLR: “Guji Highland is a farm located in the southern Guji zone of Shakiso, Ethiopia. When we look for a sun-dried Ethiopia, this is the first place we look. This farm is roughly 250 hectares around 2000 meters above sea level in what amounts to a natural forest of heirloom trees. Someday they plan to build a wet mill, but for now, they're using only the dry process.”

When it comes a to a coffee like this, you can expect an astounding fragrance and some big fruit in the cup. We’re tasting mango, strawberry, and herbs. This coffee is being served in espressos and americanos today and tomorrow, but you can get it in any espresso drink by request. Come try it out!

KLLR Coffee Roasters by Caleb Savage

Since we first heard about KLLR, the team at Clarity has been really excited to taste and serve KLLR Coffee at the shop. Hopefully, you’ve been able to try some of their offerings over the last couple days and heard a little bit about the company.  In case you haven’t, we got to talk to our friends at KLLR and find out a little bit more about the company, the coffee, and where you can try some K(i)LL(e)R coffee.

Oklahoma has a phenomenal coffee community. Even setting aside Tulsa’s great companies like Topeca, Foolish Things, Cirque, and more, Oklahoma City offers a variety of places to try coffee in all of its food and drink combinations, locations, and style. While some may raise an eyebrow to “another” coffee company in the Big Friendly, KLLR is hoping to come alongside the community already established:

“We’re really lucky to have a community filled with passionate, intelligent coffee professionals as well as home baristas and just coffee shop junkies. But we aren’t starting KLLR in spite of the developed coffee culture. We’re starting KLLR because of it. There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of people in Oklahoma City who want to progress in their coffee skills and knowledge. We see KLLR as an opportunity to provide the resources and tools to do so.”

KLLR is focused on “making great coffee and supporting the people who make it.”  Whether that’s training, equipment, or fantastic coffee, KLLR is looking to serve both the professional barista and the coffee enthusiast.

If you’ve checked out their website, you’ll notice a straightforward approach to their offerings. In the name of stability,  KLLR buys coffee first for quality and second for consistency.

KLLR Coffee Bags.jpg

“But by having a core lineup of two Ethiopias, a Colombia, and an Espresso Blend, we’re able to give some consistency within our lineup. However, within that core lineup will be a variety of coffees throughout the year. You’ll see new Ethiopian coffees and Colombian coffees, new coffees for the Espresso Blend throughout the year. Then we’re also going to keep smaller lots of coffee regularly under the name Small Batch. These will be particularly special coffees that we find that aren’t necessarily right for the regular lineup.”

Located in Uptown 23rd, just down the street from the Tower Theatre, UR/BUN, and the newly opened Scottie's Deli, KLLR is excited to be roasting coffee for shops, restaurants, and the people of OKC. You can find KLLR at Native Roots, Hall's Pizza Kitchen, Crimson & Whipped Cream, Cafe Kacao, and even as a Cold Brew Smoothie at Wheeze the Juice! You’ll always be able to grab a bag off our shelves at the shop and we’ll be featuring their coffees alongside our usual roasters as well other new and exciting coffees and companies we find along the way!

A sketch of KLLR Coffee HQ by the talented folks at  405 Architecture

A sketch of KLLR Coffee HQ by the talented folks at 405 Architecture

We’re thrilled to welcome KLLR Coffee Roasters into the Oklahoma City Coffee community and can’t wait to see what’s in store for them in the future! We’ll be serving both their Washed Ethiopia and Colombia over the next couple days, you won’t want to miss it!