Chemex Coffeemaker / by Caleb Savage

When it comes to hand-brewed coffee, everyone’s an expert. With their preferred brew method, ratio, and recipe, coffee enthusiasts are quick to tell you the “best” way to make a pour over. Here’s what we think: the best way to make coffee is the way that yields coffee you love.  At the shop we work to manage the brewing variables to deliver a consistent and delicious cup of coffee. For Clarity, we use a Chemex. Here are some reasons why:

MOMA Approved Art

Just two short years after its invention in 1941 by Dr. Peter Schlumbohm, the Chemex coffee maker was (and still is) on display in New York’s Museum of Modern Art. Dr. Schlumbohm worked to make daily tools both more functional and more attractive. It’s great to have a coffee maker make great coffee, but it’s even better to have a coffee maker look great while also making great coffee.

Chemex Coffeemaker.jpg

Coffee, filtered

Aside from the design of the glass brewer, Chemex's double bonded filters are made to retain more of the fats and oils released in the brewing process than other types of filtration processes allowing for a cup that is cleaner and less acidic than a process using another type of filter. While it may give up a little body, it presents flavors more clearly, helping us live up to our name.

Chemex Pro-tips

Holding firm to the American way (Hello Imperial Measurements), Chemex brewers use 5oz Cups to designate sizes for their various purchase options. We’ve found that a 3 Cup brewer makes a great single cup option (about 300g), the 8 Cup brewer is great for 2 servings (600g), and the 10 Cup brewer works best for 3 (900g). We love to share our recipe and talk brewing with anyone who's interested.

Modbar Chemex Pourover.jpg

While using a glass brewer is beautiful way to brew coffee, sometimes retaining the high heat needed to brew the coffee can be an issue. That’s one of the reasons we use the Modbar pour over systems and also why our 3 Cup Chemexes behind the bar have leather covers around their bottom half.

We love our Chemexes. If you’re looking for a way to make coffee at home, we’d really recommend giving them a try. We sell a couple different options alongside filters in store and on our online shop. If you have a brew method or recipe that you think makes a better cup, tell us! We love exploring all of the ways you can make great coffee at home.