October Special: London Fog / by Caleb Savage

Jumping off of the Clarity secret menu and onto the specials list for the month of October, we’re featuring a classic tea latte next to the Pumpkin Spice Latte, the London Fog.

This classic Fall drink is made with Earl Grey tea from our friends at Urban Teahouse, our house-made vanilla syrup, and steamed milk.

Black Tea & Bergamot, a History

While the origins of Earl Grey tea are foggy at best, we do know that the tea in some form has been around England since the mid-1860s. Some believe the citrus extract, bergamot was originally added to lower quality teas to imitate the finer scented Chinese teas. The impersonation worked, as Earl Grey is now one of the most recognizable tea blends in the world.  

Earl Grey Tea (photo courtesy of Urban Teahouse)

Earl Grey Tea (photo courtesy of Urban Teahouse)

London Fog, a Latte Inspiration

A tea latte is similar to a café au lait or misto in which a coffee or tea is in equal proportions with steamed milk, as opposed to a traditional latte in which about 2oz of espresso is mixed with 10oz of steamed milk.

London Fog.jpg

Earl Grey tea is floral with traditional black tea notes and the addition of bergamot provides a sweet citrus note similar to an orange or lemon. In the London Fog, the vanilla syrup smooths over the bitterness associated with black tea and the milk provides a creamy warm texture that makes it perfect for fall.

Because of the drink's simplicity, we can make the London Fog anytime, so if you fall in love, we’ve got you covered!