South Africa

February Special: Red Tea Latte by Steve Willingham

Don't panic. We still have Blood Orange Lattes too!

February's special is based on one of Urban Teahouse's amazing teas: Rooibos Zanzibar. 

While technically not a tea, rooibos, or red tea, has some tea like characteristics that make it perfect as an uncaffeinated alternative. The plant grows in the fynbos belt of South Africa's Western Cape. The leaves are picked and oxidized, much like tea, until they have the reddish brown color that gives it its nickname. Normally rooibos is steeped just like tea and sugar and milk are added to taste.

The Zanzibar part of the name comes from one of the "spice islands" off the coast of Tanzania. This tea has spices added to the leaves before steeping, specifically cloves and cinnamon that originate from there. These spices, along with a little orange oil, give this drink a lot of complexity that shines through a bit of milk and sugar giving it a nice balance.

We'll have this drink all month, so swing in and try it!