New Artist - Alexis Austin / by Steve Willingham

We’ve loved having Aaron Morvan’s work in the shop these last few months and are excited to welcome Alexis Austin’s work to the shop!

“I feel uncomfortable calling myself an artist. So I don’t. I paint and I make. Producing what I do, gives me a feeling and if I have a goal at all, it is maybe to invoke feelings and thought in others. Even if the reactions are sometimes negative. While my paintings can be quite dark and a little sardonic, I think it is important to acknowledge the scared parts of us, or the secret feelings we don’t share with others.

Alexis Austin Clarity.jpg

Working with various fabrics, Alexis is able to use various textures to create more dynamic features in her work. A few pieces in the shop are inspired by drawings made by her five year old daughter where Alexis “made them into somewhat jarring and brazen characters that have become some of [her] favorites to look at.”

Alexis Austin.jpg

“I view my works together as a series of mistakes, a mistake being something which was unintentional. I make the mistake, learn from it and take it into the next one. Whether I have a plan or not, because sometimes I do not, I most always start with something that is out of my control. By doing this, I become open to things I haven't thought of, or I become frustrated and force myself out of a bad situation and into a better one. What I am left with is a thing to look at that is deeply personal, something from my brain, and something that is mine.”

It's been awesome having Alexis’ art in the shop these last few days! Next time you’re in the shop, take a moment and explore what secret feelings our new art reveals inside you!