New Artist: Virginia Sitzes by Caleb Savage

My work is meant forge a connection with the viewer; the mark making extracts my personal emotions, thoughts, and memories in visual form. I want to express the desire to cry, to laugh, to dance, and to sleep all at the same time, through layers and colors. My work becomes more than just a visual experience; it evokes an emotional response.
— Virginia Sitzes
Virginia Sitzes Paintings.jpg

We’re thrilled to have the work of Virginia Sitzes in the shop! If you missed our last artist, find out more about Kyndall Rainey here!

About Virginia

Virginia Sitzes received her BFA from the University of Oklahoma in 2017 and co-founded Art Group OKC. She currently resides in OKC where she is a practicing professional artist. Sitzes’ work is process intensive. Through printmaking and painting she gives in to intiuition and the natural effects of chemistry on paper. Sitzes finds relief in being consumed by the moment, and visually solves her questions. Her work reflects internal thoughts and processes, as well as fun and beauty that she finds throughout the world.


About her work

“There is freedom in letting go of control. My work, in a literal sense, is a visual manifestation of my inner thoughts. While playing with the merging of mediums, a brush, a screen, a needle, I let intuition guide my mark making. I play with process and abstraction while letting my brains subconsciously deal with moments, throught, and memories. I hope to give a glimpse of what it may be like to walk down a tiny stream, gather around a campfire at the end of the day, or stand in the midst of waves crashing during the setting of the sun.”

If you love Virginia’s work, her paintings, prints, and merchandise can be found and purchased here!

New Artist: Kyndall Rainey by Caleb Savage

“Nature is a great storyteller. Even the simplest leaf can speak to storms weathered, seasons past and even of new life coming. The more time I spend in nature, the more I understand about surviving the storms in my own life.”

We loved having Jaiye Farrell’s abstract work in the shop over the holidays and our thrilled to show the work of Kyndall Rainey!

Kyndall Rainey Art at Clarity.jpeg

From the Artist:

“As I create, I want to share the ethereal feeling I felt when I make the connection between my one life and the resilience of nature. As I mix various mediums and materials, I often find a harmonious interaction between them. It’s the process of creating that always reminds me of the peace I found when I was near the ocean or by my favorite tree. Even though there will always be storms in life, I find positivity in the constant recreation of nature and the process of reflecting that beauty in my work.”

Kyndall Rainey is a mixed media artist based in Oklahoma City. She studied fiber art at the Kansas City Art Institute before completing her B.A. in art education at the University of Central Oklahoma. Kyndall is the middle school art teacher at Crossings and showcases her work at various galleries and festivals. Much of Kyndall’s work focuses on nature, conversation, and personal identity, and she often works with paints, clay, fibers, and found materials. Her love for various mediums allows her to create textured paintings, sculptures, and installations.

New Artist: Jaiye Farrell by Caleb Savage

We’re pleased to share with you work from our new artist: Jaiye Farrell!

We loved Christie Owen’s work on our walls and will miss pieces like Jupiter, but we’re also thrilled share new work with you!

About Jaiye’s work

“Oklahoma-based artist Jaiye Farrell cultivated his style of painting from abstract patterns that transcend societal and cultural divides and remember the communal roots of humanity. From an infatuation with archeology emerged a creative and ambitious talent: to craft signature designs that inspire self-reflection.”

Jaiye Farrell Art.jpg

Staff Picks

Each time a new artist brings their work to the shop, the atmosphere changes just a little. It sometimes takes regulars a moment to catch the change, but when they do, people stay a little longer, consider the pieces, and share with us their interests in art or how they feel about the current work.

Jaiye’s work blends into our cafe, but when a piece catches someone’s eye, it seems to draw them in and examine the smaller details in the painting. Joel’s a fan of Molocale Materia. “I like the piece because it has perspective. It makes me stop, and think a little more introspectively.”

Next time you’re in the shop, take a minute and let us know what your favorite piece is!

New Artist - Christie Owen by Steve Willingham

If you haven’t been in the shop in the past couple days, you’ve missed it! We have new art! We’ve loved having P Brewster’s engaging pieces in the shop and now it’s time to welcome a new artist, Christie Owen.

Originally from New York, Christie Owen currently resides in Edmond spending her time as both an artist and graphic designer. Christie enjoys the challenge of process and progress as an artist:

“I like to find visual solutions and utilize a variety of tools, mediums and applications to transfer concepts and techniques from project to project in order to keep evolving. I find a simultaneous harmony going back and forth between working without intention and careful planning. The materials I use help guide my process while searching for new combinations.”

Jupiter (Acrylic on Panel)

Jupiter (Acrylic on Panel)

Work Influences Work

Her work as a graphic designer influences her work as an artist creating a healthy interplay of the two professions. “My work tends to have a rustic and heavily textured quality as a result of my visceral approach but the final result is intended to appear quiet to reflect a “less is more” outlook on life and art. Making art is a way for me to escape the technological realm, contemplate modern living and nature and then communicate how each domain influences another.”

Happy Go Lucky (Acrylic and Resin on Panel)

Happy Go Lucky (Acrylic and Resin on Panel)

“It is my intention to engage the viewer to utilize the art, fill a void with something beautiful, improve emotional and environmental disposition and evoke a sense of balance and tranquility in the modern world.”

About Christie

“[Christie Owen] is represented by Nault Gallery and Kasum Contemporary. Her most recent solo exhibition was at The Oklahoma Hall of Fame Gaylord-Pickens Museum and she was an invitational artist at Oklahoma Contemporary's Art Now. Public installations include the NBA Thunder VIP Lounge and Penn Square Mall. She has also exhibited at Science Museum Oklahoma and Mabee Gerrer Museum of Art. Upcoming shows this Fall include Nault Gallery, Verbode and Leslie Powell Art Foundation Gallery. Christie is the Co-Founder of FRINGE Oklahoma Women’s Art Organization and owner of Hive Design. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from State University of New York College at Buffalo.”