Huckleberry Coffee Roasters by Caleb Savage

We’re so excited to share with you coffee from a new-to-Clarity roaster based out of Denver, Colorado, Huckleberry Roasters! Co-founders Mark Mann and Koan Goedman were able to tell us a little more about the Huckleberry story and the city they love, Denver!

From sourcing, roasting and serving coffee to the organizations Huckleberry supports, founders Mark and Koan work “to stand for something and to leave a mark on the city we live in, on the guests we serve and on the folks we send coffee to.” Thanks to a common love for The Shins and a “good amount of beers” in 2011, Huckleberry was formed.

Photo courtesy of Huckleberry Roasters

Photo courtesy of Huckleberry Roasters

Denver and Dairy Block

“Have you heard Denver likes beer?” From breweries like TRVE Brewing, Ratio Brewing, and Black Shirt Brewing, to Huckleberry’s sister cafe, Port Side, to restaurants like Avanti, Vital Root, and City, O City, Denver is full of Huckleberry approved eating, drinking, and sightseeing. Just like at Clarity, your friendly neighborhood barista can point you to all sorts of local options.

As part of a new development in Downtown Denver called Dairy Block, Huckleberry is working to open the second location as the anchor tenant in the Maven Hotel. Much like their flagship location, you’ll get the same “friendly baristas, approachable and tasty coffee, and a welcoming and warm environment," but “the larger space allows us to expand the food and drink menu quite a bit.” Plus, the Dairy Block location will be open quite a bit later than most Denver coffee shops for any late night coffee needs.

Photo courtesy of Huckleberry Roasters

Photo courtesy of Huckleberry Roasters


“Our coffee(s) from Guatemala are our passion project. Not only are they delicious, but they are the result of our most hands-on, direct and intensive partner relationship we have with growers and producers of APROCAFE near Lake Atitlan. Broadly speaking, Huckleberry believes that rising tides lift all ships. And, more specifically, we believe that building bridges with friends and partners within and outside of the coffee industry only makes that rising tide more powerful and impactful. It’s also just fun, right? Collaborating on coffee beers is fun! Doing weird events with non-coffee people is fun!”

We’re really digging the Ethiopia Adado and Burundi Ninga Colline from our friends at Huckleberry.  We’ll have them on bar and their retail bags on the shelves until you buy the last cup. For now, check out this video that our new friends put together: