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Victoria Arduino Black Eagle by Caleb Savage

Our espresso machine is a Victoria Arduino Black Eagle. When we switched from the La Marzocco Strada EP last April, we talked about why we love the Black Eagle. This Championship level machine has been a lot of fun to work with and shows off the expertise of Victoria Arduino’s long history with espresso.

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Founded by Pier Teresio Arduino in 1905, Victoria Arduino exists to provide espresso machines with heavily researched technologies that lead to creating the “ultimate espresso coffee machine.”

“La Victoria,” Ardunio’s first machine and the company’s namesake, was named after the victory of his first machine, the summation of all of the efforts to develop and build his machine. Over the years, Arduino developed several different machines improving design and technology as innovations in power and mechanics occurred. The desire to constantly improve and innovate in both performance and design leads to Victoria Arduino’s current offerings of 9 different machines for the home, workplace, or coffee shop.

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With modern machines like the White Eagle, Black Eagle, and Theresia; or with heritage models that harken back to the vertical design of early espresso machines like the Venus, Victoria Arduino’s machines are beautiful. Lucky for us (and you), they also make outstanding espresso.


We've got the craziest news! We have a new espresso machine!

If you've been to the shop, you know that our La Marzocco Strada is not only one of the best espresso machines in existence, but it's a showpiece for our cafe. It sits in our window, looking sleek and beautiful, like a brand new sports car. And don't get us wrong. We love the Strada.

La Marzocco Strada EP

La Marzocco Strada EP

So why would we ever make a change?

Well, number one, we just really love new toys. Two, our new machine is the Victoria Arduino Black Eagle, and it is incredible. This is the same machine used in the World Barista Championship, and there's good reason. The Black Eagle utilizes Nuova Simonelli's latest technology, making it one of the most advanced machines on the market.

Victoria Arduino Black Eagle

Victoria Arduino Black Eagle

Using Nuova Simonelli's T3 technology, they've created a system in which only water of the exact right temperature will ever enter the boiler. This means that we can be even more precise with how our espresso extracts. Using Gravimetric technology, we're able to ensure that each espresso is the exact right weight. This means we can be even more precise with how much espresso we extract. It also means that we can focus more of our attention on you without the risk of hurting the quality of our coffee.

One more bonus, we're going to be using new portafilters that will allow us to split a shot of espresso, so if you're feeling like two drinks, try out a one and one. It will be a single macchiato with a single espresso on the side. 

Come check out the Black Eagle in person! We bet you'll love it as much as we do!

If you need help finding the right espresso machine for you, reach out to our good friends at KLLR Coffee! From equipment sales and consulting to coffee and accompanying supplies, they’ll help get your coffee shop off the ground and running smoothly in no time.

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