This is how we suggest brewing a 10 Cup Chemex.

What you will need:
10 Cup Chemex
Filtered Water
Paper Filter
Freshly Roasted Coffee
Gram Scale

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The filter should be placed with 3 layers facing the spout and 1 layer opposite. 

The filter should be placed with 3 layers facing the spout and 1 layer opposite. 


Start with fresh filtered water just off boil.

Create a cone shape with your filter. There should be a compartment created with one layer on one side and 3 layers on the other side. Place this into the Chemex. 

Pour a generous amount of water through your paper filter, completely wetting the entire filter, to rinse paper dust and preheat your Chemex, then dump the water from the Chemex. Be sure the side of the filter with three layers is positioned with the spout centered on it.


Grind 70g of fresh roasted coffee on a medium-coarse setting and add it to your filter. Give the Chemex a gentle shake to flatten the bed of coffee.

Pour 140g of water over the coffee while starting a timer. Note: 1g of water = 1ml of water.

Let the coffee sit. You should see the coffee bed start to rise. This is called the bloom.

Chemex Fellow Stagg Pourover.jpg

Chemex Pourover.jpg


When your timer reads 40 seconds, pour water directly in the center of the coffee bed in a single stream. Keep the pour steady and in the center the entire time. Stop at 400g.

When your timer reads 2 minutes, pour another 400g of water the exact same way, then stop. The total amount of water should be 940g.


Allow the coffee to draw down through the filter. When the flow of coffee from the filter breaks into drips, gather the filter at the edges and throw the coffee grounds and filter in the trash. You're ready to serve your coffee. The entire process should take about four and a half minutes.

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Chemex Brewed Bed of Coffee.jpg