Tweed Coffee Roasters / by Steve Willingham

Today, we have a new roaster on the bar. Here's a little note from them to you.

Tweed Coffee has been roasting in Dallas since 2013. We are an evolution of Houndstooth Coffee- a quality focused cafe with locations in Austin & Dallas that was one of the very first to offer coffees from multiple roasters.

Tweed is a simple weave that takes quite a lot effort to produce. Starting with the right materials & woven with care, it can be both resilient & elegant, durable in the most extreme conditions & fashionable in the most formal. 

We focus on sourcing & roasting coffees in the same spirit. Starting with the right raw materials & roasting with care, our coffees go out into the world to be the cup you start your day with, or the platform for a conversation. The fuel to get you through your day, or the highlight of it. Durable in the most extreme conditions & fashionable in the most formal. We hope to provide something for you to weave the moments of your day around, something simple, comfortable, enjoyable.

Cheers y'all

Tweed's Ethiopia Sidama Guji will be on espresso for the rest of the week.  Don't miss out!