Watermelon Ginger Latte by Steve Willingham

Pretty often people give us weird looks when they see the new specials board at the beginning of the month. Why would we change that now?

This month's special is a Watermelon Ginger Latte. It sounds crazy, but hear us out.

The inspiration came from Caleb's wife, Abby, who will eat watermelon and candied ginger together as a snack. When we were tossing around ideas, this one really stuck out. Watermelon is the ultimate refreshing taste. It tastes like summer. At first we tried it by itself, and while it was delicious, it lacked complexity. It was just a straightforward sweet drink. So we used the watermelon-ginger snack idea to add another layer of flavor to the drink.

Then we tried something else fun. At first, we were testing juiced watermelon and simple syrup for the watermelon syrup, but when we used WTR MLN WTR instead of straight juice, we were totally in love with the flavor. WTR MLN WTR isn't that different. It is cold-pressed watermelon juice with just a bit of lemon, but it made a big difference for us.

That lemon makes the drink work so much better as a cold drink, so while we're really proud of the way this hot latte tastes, we're even more excited about how it works in our espresso cream soda. Sub this in for the usual vanilla syrup, and you've got an outstanding, refreshing cold coffee drink.

We'll have this all through the month of August, so get here and try it out!

Oh, and don't forget the Maple Pecan Cold Brew is still around too!