Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back! by Caleb Savage

Button up your flannel and download Bon Iver’s complete discography because it’s fall! To celebrate the glorious return of cool temps and hot lattes, we’re bringing back the Pumpkin Spice Latte as this month’s special.


Our tasty PSL includes real pumpkin and all the warm spices associated with family meals and the feelings of fall. Like the rest of our specials, our syrup is made in house by the team from real ingredients.

Pumpkin Spice.jpg

Aside from the giant that is #PSL, the spices in the latte have a long history with coffee. We love what Peter Giuliano had to say about coffee and the spice trade on Pax Coffea:

All five “pumpkin” spices have in their history a tiny clutch of islands in the Indonesian archipelago called the Moluccas (Muluku in Indonesian). In antiquity, these were known as the "Spice Islands" because they were the source of spices. I mean the source. Cloves are indigenous to only two islands, the twin volcanic cones of Ternate and Tidore, in the north of the Moluccas

Nutmeg and mace are from the Banda islands, 10 small volcanoes in the center of the Moluccas. Cinnamon from Sri Lanka and Ginger from China were brought to the Moluccas thousands of years ago, making the legendary Spice Islands the point of origin for the world-transforming Spice Trade which began in antiquity and was one of the first ways ancient civilizations began to trade with each other. Though always a multicultural effort, the early masters of the spice trade were the Arabs, who brought spices from the far East through the Red Sea and into the Levant, North Africa and Europe. This route passed through Yemen and the port of Mocha, where coffee was first grown commercially, and coffee naturally started to be traded right alongside spices from the Spice Islands, carried in the same boats, and traded by the same people.

Shoutout to our friend Paul over at Leaf + Bean for spreading the news (and sharing the link from Pax Coffea.) The PSL will be here for a while so you can sip it all season long. Happy Autumn, friends!


Pumpkin Spice Lattes! We had to by Steve Willingham

We're proud to announce October's signature drink: Pumpkin Spice Latte.


What? You thought we were going to ignore the phenomenon that is the Pumpkin Spice Latte? Look, we love coming up with crazy concoctions, mixing flavors that don't seem to mix with coffee like lavender or maple and rosemary. But the truth is, a classic is a classic for a reason.

Not only does coffee go really well with the pumpkin spices: nutmeg, clove, mace, cinnamon, and ginger, but they have a bit of a history together. When coffee was first brought to Europe, it was by spice traders. When the spice trade slowed down, it was coffee that traders would push to make up for slowing sales. In fact, to make their trade routes simpler, they started growing coffee near the spice islands, giving life to the Indonesian coffee market that still thrives today. Spices, and specifically pumpkin spices have shaped the global coffee market in enormous ways.

We wanted to take what has grown into an annual national craze and make it our own, so we started out with raw ingredients: pumpkin, sugar, nutmeg, clove, mace, cinnamon, and ginger, and created a sauce that we can base our lattes with, featuring all five spices but balancing them with the coffee, so no flavor gets lost. 

But why stop at pumpkin spice lattes? We also have a Pumpkin Spice Black Tea and Pumpkin Spice Chai Latte featuring teas from our friends at Urban Teahouse.

Image courtesy of Urban Teahouse

Image courtesy of Urban Teahouse

Swing in soon and check out all three!

Spiced Vanilla Latte by Steve Willingham

We're excited to announce our April special, the Spiced Vanilla Latte.

Once again, we've paired up with Savory Spice over on Western Avenue to get just the right ingredients to stand with our coffee. With their expertise in spices and ours in coffee, we've taken a shot at making a new syrup using a little sugar, some madagascar vanilla beans, cinnamon, allspice, mace, and cardamom that enhances and balances with our espresso. It's sweet but shines through a latte with just the right spice to it.  

But that's not all it's good for. It's a perfect addition to cold brew coffee! Just in time with the way the weather's been warming up.

It's been really fun having the Honey Lavender Latte on bar, and we've gotten tons of really great feedback about it. In fact, we're terrified of the riots that would result if we remove it from the menu too soon, so we're going to keep it around until the end of April. Come try it out hot or iced!