South Carolina

Methodical Coffee Roasters by Caleb Savage

“There is nothing within a company that doesn’t impact the experience of the people you’re connecting with.”

Methodical Coffee is a cafe and roastery in Greenville, South Carolina dedicated to creating “extraordinary customer experiences through the relentless pursuit of exceptional products, customer service, and environments.”  We spoke to co-founder Will Shurtz about all things Methodical and Greenville!

Photo Courtesy of Methodical

Photo Courtesy of Methodical

“Methodical opened up because my two business partners and I wanted to bring a new type of culinary (coffee) experience to our community, and really contribute to the betterment of peoples’ lives through our product, but mainly through how they are treated by us.” In February of 2015, friends Will Shurtz, David Baker, and Marco Suarez, combined their knowledge of coffee, business, and design (respectively), to open a cafe called Methodical. About a year later, the Methodical team began roasting. “We wanted the opportunity to dig deeper in our involvement and understanding of all the wonders of the coffee we serve, we wanted to take our mission and extend that to our national/global coffee community, and we wanted to provide another avenue for the growth and career paths of our Methodical crew.”


If you like the artwork on their bags, you’ll love everything about their cafe. “Our goal is to intrigue our visitors with a timeless design, to make all feel welcome with warm greetings for our crew and a genuine, friendly and interactive customer experience throughout.” If their cafe alone can’t convince you to book a trip to the Palmetto State, check out Will’s food and drink recommendations:

“For dinner, I would never miss out on Anchorage for their chefs selection dinner coarse, Husk (phenomenal wine offerings), or GB&D. For lunch, you have get a burrito at ASADA (mission style). And you really need to go get some coffee and crepes with our friends over at Tandem Creperie and Coffeehouse.” We were particularly excited to hear that last suggestion. Kristen and Brad, owners of Tandem, lived here in OKC for a few years and are great friends of ours.


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When it comes to coffee, Methodical isn’t trying to impose their own thoughts on what each coffee should be. They believe it’s their role to accentuate the flavors of the coffee and make you think, “this is exactly how I would dream of this coffee tasting.” This dedication to the quality of relationships built in each coffee comes through in their desire to connect with coffee growers and producers at origin. “We are committed to most of our coffees year to year, and you will see them again once the next harvest comes about. I kind of view it as us being in a long term relationship until the day we can make contact ourselves with these farmers, by traveling to origin with our importers and finally saying hello and purchasing coffee in person, after years of commitment through our importing partners.”

We’ll have Methodical’s Narino, Colombia on both espresso and pour over for the next couple days as well as a few bags for sale.  Catch it before it’s gone and let us know what you think!