Snow S'more

Festival of the Arts by Steve Willingham

The Festival of the Arts is here!

Despite the rain, starting today, Bicentennial Park will be filled with thousands of people coming to the annual Festival of the Arts, put on by the Arts Council of Oklahoma City. Admission is free, and there will be plenty to do. Not only are there going to be 144 artists setting up their own unique booth, but three stages will be set up for about 300 artists to perform on over the course of the week. There will also be lots of local food (our friends from Snow S'more will be right in front of Civic Center) and tons of activities for kids. The Festival runs 11am-9pm every day until Sunday, when they'll shut down at 6pm.

This party is just around the corner from us, so stop by and say hi while you're out at the festival. We will be open normal hours this week, so come see us before 6 every day but Sunday!

Setting up, as seen from our roof

Setting up, as seen from our roof