Drink Specials for September! by Steve Willingham

We're so excited to start inventing fall drinks. September gives us our first opportunity, so check out what we came up with.

Unfortunately, we are saying goodbye to the Cherry Vanilla Latte, but I'm excited to tell you that you'll still be able to get the Cold Brew Lemonade and the matcha lemonade year-round. In fact, you'll find the matcha latte and lemonade on our new permanent menu!

For September, we wanted something with a feel of fall (only three weeks away!) but still a hint of summer. As always, we keep the ingredients simple: maple syrup, rosemary, milk, and most importantly espresso.

We paired pure maple syrup with rosemary to create a syrup that takes sweetness from maple syrup to a whole new level in an herby/savory latte. Come try it out hot or iced or, get this, as an iced americano. Seriously tasty.

And don't miss our featured tea: pineapple coconut black tea from Urban Tea House. It is exactly what it sounds like and will make you feel like you're on a beach.

So swing by and try it out this month. We'll be here.