Palace Coffee Roasters

Palace Coffee Roasters by Caleb Savage

Be Kind. Serve Great Coffee.

We’re excited to feature our friends from Amarillo, Palace Coffee and their Colombia Los Rosales on Espresso and Pourover.

Since opening on July 1, 2011, Palace Coffee has been out to prove “that small town America could do coffee really, really well.” We think they’ve succeeded.

We got to hear from Patrick and Krystal Burns about their shops, roasting and their love for Amarillo, Texas!

Photo courtesy of Palace Coffee

Photo courtesy of Palace Coffee

People First

“Patrick would tell you that he has an addiction to people. He has a background in retail and restaurant management. He caught the entrepreneur bug managing a small high end Italian restaurant in our hometown. He loved hosting people in the restaurant and the dream to create something of his own began.” Looking for an opportunity to develop a business with more regular customers while also being more conducive to family life, the idea of opening Palace was born.

This focus on people as the drive for business carries through to their mission. “We love people and love meeting and hosting new people in our shops. We want everyone who walks through our doors to feel valued no matter their race, religion, sexual orientation, or background. Because we care for people, we want to serve them a great product!”

Photo courtesy of Palace Coffee

Photo courtesy of Palace Coffee


With four cafes in the area, Palace carries the same heart they put into their business into every location. “They all have staff that we have trained many hours with on both hospitality and the craft of making coffee. We strived to create a space for community and designed each shop based around the area it is in. We hope that no matter which location a guest decides to stop into, that they will get the same warm experience from our staff and a consistent product from the bar."

Visit Amarillo!

“Amarillo is known for a “drive through” town. It’s right off of I-40 so a lot of people will say they have driven through but never stopped in Amarillo. Amarillo and Canyon have a lot to offer including the second largest canyon, Palo Duro Canyon. We also have Cadillac Ranch which is worth the look just to see large Cadillacs buried in the ground. We also have a lot of newer locally owned restaurants and a thriving arts community which includes the longest continuous running community theatre in the nation, and a stellar symphony to name a few. Side Note: That community theatre we speak of is called Amarillo Little Theatre and our whole family is involved at some capacity there.”

Photo courtesy of Palace Coffee

Photo courtesy of Palace Coffee

Expansion & Roasting

“Our original plan was to just have one cafe. When we opened our second location we felt that learning the roasting process would be important because we know that roasting gives you control over the coffee from start to finish. We ended up partnering with Kaldi’s Coffee out of St. Louis to help bridge the gap while we were focused on the retail side of things. Kaldi’s helped private label our coffee into our own branded bags. This partnership was crucial to helping us launch into roasting fully on our own which we have now been doing for about 6 months.”

We are excited to serve some of Amarillo’s kindest coffee and hope you enjoy it as well!