October Drink Specials by Caleb Savage


This Fall weather had us so excited for the next few months we launched our #PSL on the first day of Fall! We wrote about the Spice Islands and their impact in our favorite Fall Special here!

If you were a big fan of the London Fog, never fear! London Fogs are available year round on our Secret Menu!


We said goodbye to Maple Rosemary and now it’s time for the Fig Thyme Latte! Fans of the Maple Rosemary Latte will enjoy the balance of savory and sweet in our November drink special as the sweet fruitiness of Fig pairs will with the subtle and warm thyme flavor.



Whether you’re all about the pop-culture phenomenon that is the Pumpkin Spice Latte or you’re looking for a more complex or savory way to celebrate the cooler temperatures, we’re excited to serve our new specials!


Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back! by Caleb Savage

Button up your flannel and download Bon Iver’s complete discography because it’s fall! To celebrate the glorious return of cool temps and hot lattes, we’re bringing back the Pumpkin Spice Latte as this month’s special.


Our tasty PSL includes real pumpkin and all the warm spices associated with family meals and the feelings of fall. Like the rest of our specials, our syrup is made in house by the team from real ingredients.

Pumpkin Spice.jpg

Aside from the giant that is #PSL, the spices in the latte have a long history with coffee. We love what Peter Giuliano had to say about coffee and the spice trade on Pax Coffea:

All five “pumpkin” spices have in their history a tiny clutch of islands in the Indonesian archipelago called the Moluccas (Muluku in Indonesian). In antiquity, these were known as the "Spice Islands" because they were the source of spices. I mean the source. Cloves are indigenous to only two islands, the twin volcanic cones of Ternate and Tidore, in the north of the Moluccas

Nutmeg and mace are from the Banda islands, 10 small volcanoes in the center of the Moluccas. Cinnamon from Sri Lanka and Ginger from China were brought to the Moluccas thousands of years ago, making the legendary Spice Islands the point of origin for the world-transforming Spice Trade which began in antiquity and was one of the first ways ancient civilizations began to trade with each other. Though always a multicultural effort, the early masters of the spice trade were the Arabs, who brought spices from the far East through the Red Sea and into the Levant, North Africa and Europe. This route passed through Yemen and the port of Mocha, where coffee was first grown commercially, and coffee naturally started to be traded right alongside spices from the Spice Islands, carried in the same boats, and traded by the same people.

Shoutout to our friend Paul over at Leaf + Bean for spreading the news (and sharing the link from Pax Coffea.) The PSL will be here for a while so you can sip it all season long. Happy Autumn, friends!