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Kenya Kianderi from Kuma Roasters by Michael Power

"Let's be honest, we crave Kenyan coffee and when it's the time of the year that it's out of season we get a little sad. The Kianderi has just turned our frowns upside down." - Peter Ingalls of Kuma Coffee

No statement could be more true. This week at Clarity we have the Kianderi, Kenya roasted by Kuma Coffee in Seattle, WA.

This coffee is the first of Kuma's Kenyan coffees from the previous harvest season and we could not be more excited about it! Kianderi is from the Murang'a region of Kenya. It is planted, harvested, and picked at 1600 MASL before it is fully washed and finally imported through OLAM Importers.

Kianderi offers notes of bright red currant, sweet raspberry jam, and has a toffee like body. Stop by the shop this week and pick up a bag!