Hydro Flask

Hydro Flask by Caleb Savage

Hydro Flask was founded in 2009 in Bend, Oregon with a mission to “save the world from lukewarm.” We etched our logo on  their 12oz coffee cup because they do exactly what we want them to: whatever you want. Whether you’re looking to keep your latte hot after the walk back to work, your cold brew icy during a road trip, or trying to make your coffee habit a little more environmentally friendly, Hydro Flask is our choice.


Smart Cups

Sure, everyone loves holding onto a warm cup of coffee as we brave the gale force winds to get from one place to the next, but that warmth comes at the expense of your caffeinated beverage of choice.  The more warmth you feel, the less warmth your latte has to give. Same thing with iced drinks. 98 degrees at 11AM means you want your coffee chilly. You have a choice to make: strike a balance between ice and drink and finish it before it gets too warm or pack it full of ice and have a watered-down cup full of disappointment. Hello, Tempshield!

Hydro Flask’s Tempshield technology works to keep hot drinks steamy for up to six hours and cold drinks chilly for twenty-four. Plus, there’s no heat transfer. Sure, your hands won’t be warmed by coffee’s loving embrace during those cold winter months, but that’s what gloves are for.


Straightforward, Versatile

Open that one random drawer in your kitchen. You know the one. Count how many random thermos lids, caps, and O-rings you swore would work with another bottle. Imagine not having that. Hydro Flask’s approach to hydration management means offering a variety of sizes and styles while standardizing things like the size of the opening of the containers and applying the technology that makes Hydro Flask great to all of their offerings. The level of purity in the stainless steel walls of each flask that means today's Sun-Dried Ethiopia doesn’t tastes like yesterday's Vanilla Latte is also in their tumblers and sixty-four ounce growlers.  

Hydro Flask works hard to make sure the drink you ordered is the drink you get in your meeting later that day. They help us use less paper and plastic on the days we need a cup on the run. They also look pretty sweet. We’re stocked up and ready for all of your gift-giving events and exchanges, but as it goes with cabin pressure in airplanes, make sure you have one first before you buy one for your neighbor. Check them out in our online store as well.