Guatemala El Diamante

On espresso: Guatemala El Diamante by Steve Willingham

A few weeks ago, we featured an espresso from Tweed called Guatemala El Diamante. This week, we are excited to have that same coffee from Patricia Perez, but roasted by Heart this time.

Here's a little about this coffee from the roaster:

Finca El Diamante is located in a remote valley close to the tiny town Agua Dulce, in the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala. Heart first visited El Diamante on a buying trip back in 2013. Heart returned in early 2016 and was able to secure some of the tastiest lots of this coffee.

After El Diamante is harvested the pulp is removed and the beans are fermented for almost 40 hours. After fermentation the coffee is washed and then soaked again for another 12 hours. Despite the long fermentation times we found this coffee to be delightfully clean with notes of mellow golden raspberry and rainier cherry.

El Diamante uses both raised beds as well as patios to dry their coffee. The lots of coffee Heart purchased are all dried on raised beds, milled, then sorted by bean size. This contributes to how beautifully clean this coffee is.

When you taste El Diamante you realize the specialness of this coffee. The care and attention to detail Patricia (Patty to her friends) has put into their product becomes immediately apparent. We are deeply honored to be able to work with Patty and to showcase her coffee. 
Patricia Perez, photo courtesy of Heart Roasters

Patricia Perez, photo courtesy of Heart Roasters

We're tasting bits of chocolate and honey, and a nice cherry-like acidity in this coffee from Heart, which is really different from the Tweed version. Come try it out while it's on bar!