Ethiopia Gedeb

On bar: Guatemala and Ethiopia from Heart by Steve Willingham

We have a couple of new coffees: Ethiopia Gedeb and Guatemala La Bolsa from Heart Roasters.

The Guatemala La Bolsa comes from Huehuetenango, a region known for some of the finest coffees in Guatemala. Specifically, in the town of La Libertad, Maria Elena Video De Ovalle grows this coffee on the La Bolsa farm, land that has been in her family for three generations. She uses rivers running through her property to power not just the farm itself but a local school as well. La Bolsa has placed 2nd in the Guatemalan Cup of Excellence and continues to strive for better and better coffee. We're pulling this coffee as a sweet, caramelly espresso with notes of almond and lime.

On Chemex, we're brewing Ethiopia Gedeb. Ethiopian coffees aren't as traceable to the farm since they are often grown by hundreds of smallholder farms. In this case, it's even more fun. Some of this coffee is grown on small lots, but some of it is grown wild. All the coffee is picked and processed in the Gedeo Zone of Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia and sun dried on raised beds. This coffee tastes absolutely amazing. We're getting notes of cantaloupe and strawberry Starbursts, and we're in love with it. It's an absolutely spectacular coffee.

The Guatemala La Bolsa is in very limited supply, so make sure to swing by for a cup today!