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April in the Arts District: Festival of the Arts and OKC Memorial Marathon by Caleb Savage

The last weekend of April is an exciting time for the Arts District! Aside from the great events at the Civic Center, Museum of Art, and Myriad Gardens, it’s also time for the Festival of the Arts and the OKC Memorial Marathon!

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Festival of the Arts

Kicking off Tuesday, April 23rd and finishing up on Sunday, April 28th, the Festival of the Arts takes place right in our backyard in Bicentennial Park, in between the Civic Center & City Hall! The Festival of the Arts “is a community celebration of the visual, performing and culinary arts, bringing a variety of talented artists together in downtown OKC’s Bicentennial Park. Festival of the Arts has been an OKC tradition since 1967, considered a rite of spring and a signature event for the Arts Council, with an average of 750,000 Festival attendees.”

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Find us from the Festival by crossing Walker at Colcord and walk through the Concourse of the Arts District Parking Garage to check out Joe O’Connell’s and Blessing Hancock’s “Small Talk About the Weather” (2016). We’re located along Main Street in Suite A, right before the South car entrance to the parking garage.


Run to Remember

The Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon is on Sunday, April 28, 2019. Their mission is to “celebrate life, reach for the future, honor the memories of those who were killed and unite the world in hope. This is not just another marathon. It is a Run to Remember… and a race to show that we can each make a difference and change the world.” Remembering the events of April 19,1995, the marathon acts as the largest fundraiser for the OKC National Memorial & Museum.


Instead of ending in Automobile Alley, this year’s finish line will be just outside the shop, on Hudson between Main & Sheridan! If you’re headed to the Finish Line, approach us from the west side of Hudson and turn west on Main Street! We’ll be open early at 6am on Sunday, the day of the race, to help you stay warm and alert while you wait on your favorite runners!

Virginia Sitzes.jpg

It’s a good time to explore the Arts District! While you’re here, check out our latest artist, Virginia Sitzes!

Cup Design Artist: Tyler Roberts by Caleb Savage

Last April, we collaborated with our friend Arjan Jager to design new artwork for our cups! His afternoon doodle sparked an idea that begins phase two this week! We’re proud to present our second Cup Design Artist, new dad, Barista Trainer, and all-star teammate and friend: Tyler Roberts!

Tyler On Bar.jpg


Tyler’s been with Clarity since August 2016 and holds the Clarity record for longevity having been with the team for 2.5 years out of the 3.25 years we’ve been around. When he joined the team, we knew he could make great coffee and take care of the friends and family that walk into the cafe, but art was a secret talent we didn’t know he had.


“If you know Tyler, you know he’s got a pretty fierce commitment to whatever he’s decided. From endless book and music recommendations to diet and fitness tips, Tyler’s got an answer and the dedication to solve almost any problem that comes his way. I first heard about Tyler’s art after a conversation where he told me he knew that if he just committed to practicing drawing an hour every day, he could draw whatever he wanted. Just a few months later, he was drawing characters and figures that were amazing. As great as his artwork is, as always, I’m even more impressed by his simple commitment to the effort it takes to make great work.”

New Cups Tyler.jpg


“Downtown OKC, while still in progress, has a lot to offer people. Whether it’s art at OKC Museum of Art’s beautiful galleries, or 21c Museum and Hotel’s 14,000 feet of always free and always open space; a solemn quiet place to remember and reflect, or a botanical garden in the middle of the Midwest. We have a place for everyone. Since I’m not good with directions, I drew the landmarks for people to see the places I love.”

Stop by the shop and grab a tasty drink to enjoy while you check out Tyler’s design incorporating all our great neighbors. Use it as a tour guide to check off great places to visit with your cup of coffee! Whether it is the OKC Museum of Art, the OKC Memorial, Myriad Botanical Gardens, or 21C Museum Hotel, we are confident you’ll have a great time exploring our city.


Oklahoma City's Disloyalty Card by Steve Willingham

Each Disloyalty Card is printed with the phrase "Fraternitas Ante Omnia," brotherhood before all things. That's the whole idea.

What is a Disloyalty Card?

The original disloyalty card. Photo courtesy of  Upright Coffee

The original disloyalty card. Photo courtesy of Upright Coffee

In retail, it's common for businesses to offer a loyalty card. It's a really cool idea. If you're a regular, you grab a punch on your Loyalty Card. When you have the requisite number of punches, you get a reward. In coffee, it's usually a punch for every drink and a free drink when you finish off your card.

Back in 2009, Gwilym Davies, a world renown barista out of London, put together the first Disloyalty Card offering a free drink from his coffee shop to anyone who fills it out. James Hoffmann put it simply: "If you go and drink coffee at 8 interesting, quality focused cafes around East London then he will say thank you by making you a coffee for free."

Since then, cities all around the world (Cleveland, Edinburgh, Washington D.C., and Atlanta just to name a few) have done these as a way to band together and promote great quality coffee. When it comes down to it, small shops like Clarity will never have the marketing power of large chains, but together, we're greater than the sum of our parts. We can introduce many more people to the kinds of coffees we love.

OKC's Disloyalty Card

Oklahoma City Disloyalty Card.JPG

Nine years later, here we are. Oklahoma City is introducing its first (perhaps the first of many) Disloyalty Card.

The idea is as simple as it was back in 2009. If you go and drink coffee at five outstanding shops here in OKC, you can trade your Disloyalty Card in for a free drink at any of the five shops. You can pick these up at any of the participating coffee shops and do them in whatever order you want. 

Everyone at Clarity loves all five of these shops. The great thing about these five is that each of us has a dedication to the craft of specialty coffee, but we all have a bit of a different take. One shop might serve you a small yield espresso that's bright and intense while the next will serve you a fruit bomb and the next will strive for balance and sweetness. All of them can be delicious and unique.

Which Coffee Shops?

Clarity 431 W Main St

Elemental 815 N Hudson Ave

Okay Yeah 705 W Sheridan Ave

Leaf + Bean 321 N Oklahoma Ave

Coffee Slingers 1015 N Broadway Ave

Shout out to Paul over at Leaf and Bean for doing pretty much all the legwork on this. We're so excited that this is happening. Thanks, man.

Festival of the Arts by Steve Willingham

The Festival of the Arts is here!

Despite the rain, starting today, Bicentennial Park will be filled with thousands of people coming to the annual Festival of the Arts, put on by the Arts Council of Oklahoma City. Admission is free, and there will be plenty to do. Not only are there going to be 144 artists setting up their own unique booth, but three stages will be set up for about 300 artists to perform on over the course of the week. There will also be lots of local food (our friends from Snow S'more will be right in front of Civic Center) and tons of activities for kids. The Festival runs 11am-9pm every day until Sunday, when they'll shut down at 6pm.

This party is just around the corner from us, so stop by and say hi while you're out at the festival. We will be open normal hours this week, so come see us before 6 every day but Sunday!

Setting up, as seen from our roof

Setting up, as seen from our roof