Coffee Cups

Cup Design Artist: Tyler Roberts by Caleb Savage

Last April, we collaborated with our friend Arjan Jager to design new artwork for our cups! His afternoon doodle sparked an idea that begins phase two this week! We’re proud to present our second Cup Design Artist, new dad, Barista Trainer, and all-star teammate and friend: Tyler Roberts!

Tyler On Bar.jpg


Tyler’s been with Clarity since August 2016 and holds the Clarity record for longevity having been with the team for 2.5 years out of the 3.25 years we’ve been around. When he joined the team, we knew he could make great coffee and take care of the friends and family that walk into the cafe, but art was a secret talent we didn’t know he had.


“If you know Tyler, you know he’s got a pretty fierce commitment to whatever he’s decided. From endless book and music recommendations to diet and fitness tips, Tyler’s got an answer and the dedication to solve almost any problem that comes his way. I first heard about Tyler’s art after a conversation where he told me he knew that if he just committed to practicing drawing an hour every day, he could draw whatever he wanted. Just a few months later, he was drawing characters and figures that were amazing. As great as his artwork is, as always, I’m even more impressed by his simple commitment to the effort it takes to make great work.”

New Cups Tyler.jpg


“Downtown OKC, while still in progress, has a lot to offer people. Whether it’s art at OKC Museum of Art’s beautiful galleries, or 21c Museum and Hotel’s 14,000 feet of always free and always open space; a solemn quiet place to remember and reflect, or a botanical garden in the middle of the Midwest. We have a place for everyone. Since I’m not good with directions, I drew the landmarks for people to see the places I love.”

Stop by the shop and grab a tasty drink to enjoy while you check out Tyler’s design incorporating all our great neighbors. Use it as a tour guide to check off great places to visit with your cup of coffee! Whether it is the OKC Museum of Art, the OKC Memorial, Myriad Botanical Gardens, or 21C Museum Hotel, we are confident you’ll have a great time exploring our city.


Cup Design Artist: Arjan Jager by Steve Willingham

We've always been proud of our coffee cups. We believe that every part of a coffee experience matters: the taste and texture, the aroma, the environment around you, the conversations while you're drinking it, and even the cup you're drinking out of. That's why we serve our espresso drinks in the impeccably designed Not Neutral cups, our pour overs in thick diner mugs, and our teas in beautiful ForLife tea cups. 

And if you need to take your drink to go, we've always had double-walled paper cups with sharp printing and thick, sturdy lids. Because cups shouldn't burn your hand as you grip them and shouldn't spill as you drink from them.

Arjan's "Claritree" doodle. Photo courtesy of  Arjan's Instagram .

Arjan's "Claritree" doodle. Photo courtesy of Arjan's Instagram.

Starting today, we're changing the to go cup design a bit. The first of a series of Cup Design Artists, Arjan Jager's cityscape is a great representation of our home and this city we're so proud of.

When Arjan decided one day to doodle on his cup, it sparked a conversation about what the next phase of our paper coffee cups might be. Over a few drinks, Arjan and I decided to experiment a bit and see where it might lead.


Arjan is an urban designer and artist from the Netherlands. He has lived in OKC since 2015 and works for the city as senior urban designer and planner. In the summer he combines this job with being a professor at the Urban Design Studio of OU in Tulsa. He also makes illustrations. His work has been part of exhibits at DNA Galleries and JRB Gallery. Prints and t-shirts with his artwork are sold at DNA Galleries.

Arjan's Work

"Cities and landscapes are endless collections of movie scenes, where everyone else is leading actor and I am the only observer. I love to observe how people move around and what composition of buildings, trees, vistas or skies makes a city scene memorable.

"With my illustrations, I try to capture those scenes. I use black lines, dots and negative space to create depth and bring movement to my work. I hope that the eyes of those who see my work will move through my illustration as if moving through a city or landscape, with changing perspectives and new thoughts."

Inspiration for this Piece

Arjan Jager Cup Design.jpg

"This work is inspired by road trips through Oklahoma. I love the openness of the landscape while driving on endless rolling hills and crossing meandering rivers. The moment you see the Oklahoma City skyline appear on the horizon always feels good, 'almost there'. During tornado season incredible clouds may appear, which make the scene even more dramatic."