Burundi Karyenda

On Chemex: Burundi Karyenda by Steve Willingham

We're brewing a really savory coffee on the Chemex bar this afternoon: Burundi Karyenda from Intelligentsia Coffee.

Karyenda is the name Intelligentsia gave to this coffee as a reference to a sacred ceremonial drum used at the beginning of each agricultural season. This coffee comes to us from a washing station called Yandaro in the Kayanza region of Burundi. Yandaro is a mid-sized washing station that processes coffee for hundreds of farmers. Their commitment to quality is of the highest caliber. The coffee is sorted multiple times to ensure that you're getting the best possible cup.

Yandaro also commits to assisting the 3,500 farmers in the nearby communities, spreading best practices, and raising the bar for every harvest by investing in agronomy engineers.

Geoff Watts, the vice-president and green coffee buyer for Intelligentsia describes Burundi as "one of the most underrated coffee origins in the world and a rising star on the African continent."

Photo courtesy of Intelligentsia Coffee

Photo courtesy of Intelligentsia Coffee

This coffee is only here for a short time, so swing by and check it out.