Bek Barkocy

New Artist - Bek Barkocy by Caleb Savage

Bek Barkocy Clarity.jpg

We’re so excited to have the work of Bek Barkocy in the shop! After saying goodbye to the contemplative and engaging work of Alexis Austin, Bek’s colorful and complex art brings new energy and discussions into the shop!

“Through my work, I hope to pursue the broken hearts of the hurting, voiceless, and unnoticed and help them create joy. Each of my pieces starts with a base layer of affirmations, prayers, or song lyrics that fill my soul. These words set the tone of each piece as I paint around and over them. Although primarily using acrylics and different texturing mediums, I love to work with water and old rags. Each time water is applied to a piece, I am reminded of grace, anticipating the ways in which I can extend that grace to those who stand in front of my canvas.”

Visually, Bek’s work grows increasingly complex the longer you look at it. As you become more familiar with each piece, new lines, letters, and colors begin to reveal themselves. Shapes, apparent from far away, disappear up close as the layers become more visible.

Bek Barkocy Clarity Coffee.jpg

About Bek

“Bek Barkocy, raised in Bethany, OK, is the fifth of eight kids, which meant school supplies were rarely of the “built-in-sharpener” caliber. In 1997 she was allowed Crayola over her usual Rose Art and has been trying to color the world ever since. Bek received her BA from Southern Nazarene University and it was during this time that God showed her that she is His masterpiece. She continues to allow Him to apply His brushstrokes to her life while being the reason she daily dips her bristles into paint. Bek currently has a mural on display at Commonplace Books, she is selling pieces at The Mill Shop and Co-op in Casady Square, and is working with a local author on designing book covers.”

Next time you’re in the shop, take a moment and explore Bek’s work! We think you’ll find a little bit more than you expected!