Barista Guild of OKC

Oklahoma City's Disloyalty Card by Steve Willingham

Each Disloyalty Card is printed with the phrase "Fraternitas Ante Omnia," brotherhood before all things. That's the whole idea.

What is a Disloyalty Card?

The original disloyalty card. Photo courtesy of  Upright Coffee

The original disloyalty card. Photo courtesy of Upright Coffee

In retail, it's common for businesses to offer a loyalty card. It's a really cool idea. If you're a regular, you grab a punch on your Loyalty Card. When you have the requisite number of punches, you get a reward. In coffee, it's usually a punch for every drink and a free drink when you finish off your card.

Back in 2009, Gwilym Davies, a world renown barista out of London, put together the first Disloyalty Card offering a free drink from his coffee shop to anyone who fills it out. James Hoffmann put it simply: "If you go and drink coffee at 8 interesting, quality focused cafes around East London then he will say thank you by making you a coffee for free."

Since then, cities all around the world (Cleveland, Edinburgh, Washington D.C., and Atlanta just to name a few) have done these as a way to band together and promote great quality coffee. When it comes down to it, small shops like Clarity will never have the marketing power of large chains, but together, we're greater than the sum of our parts. We can introduce many more people to the kinds of coffees we love.

OKC's Disloyalty Card

Oklahoma City Disloyalty Card.JPG

Nine years later, here we are. Oklahoma City is introducing its first (perhaps the first of many) Disloyalty Card.

The idea is as simple as it was back in 2009. If you go and drink coffee at five outstanding shops here in OKC, you can trade your Disloyalty Card in for a free drink at any of the five shops. You can pick these up at any of the participating coffee shops and do them in whatever order you want. 

Everyone at Clarity loves all five of these shops. The great thing about these five is that each of us has a dedication to the craft of specialty coffee, but we all have a bit of a different take. One shop might serve you a small yield espresso that's bright and intense while the next will serve you a fruit bomb and the next will strive for balance and sweetness. All of them can be delicious and unique.

Which Coffee Shops?

Clarity 431 W Main St

Elemental 815 N Hudson Ave

Okay Yeah 705 W Sheridan Ave

Leaf + Bean 321 N Oklahoma Ave

Coffee Slingers 1015 N Broadway Ave

Shout out to Paul over at Leaf and Bean for doing pretty much all the legwork on this. We're so excited that this is happening. Thanks, man.

Barista Guild of OKC by Paul Zimmerman

We've got some super exciting news that isn't necessarily Clarity Coffee specific but affects the coffee community of Oklahoma City at large! Barista guilds in cities across america serve as hubs of education and culture for coffee lovers. These organizations let coffee professionals and hobbyists organize for events, training, resources, and outreach. 

It's wildly exciting that Oklahoma City has formed it's own Barista Guild. We've seen such a huge renaissance of arts and culture here in OKC and we're stoked to be taking part. The Barista Guild of OKC will consist of baristas from some of OKC's finest coffee shops:

Aspen Coffee
Cafe Evoke
Clarity Coffee
Coffee Slingers Roasters
Elemental Coffee Roasters
Gray Owl Coffee
Syrup Breakfast
and others!

Oklahoma City has so many amazing coffee companies and people. In the next year, as a guild, they'll be focussing on a few things. 


We'll be hosting monthly latte art competitions at different shops across the metro. The first of which took place in January at Clarity. These "Thursday Night Throwdowns" are a chance for baristas to show off their skills and for the coffee community to come together and have a party. Join us to meet some new friends, drink some local beer, and cheer for you favorite barista. The guild has thrown two successful TNT's so far this year and are stoked to continue the party at Cafe Evoke, this Saturday!


The Guild will be printing resources for making better coffee, both for home brewers and professional baristas. These resources will be cheap or free as our goal is to improve the quality of coffee in our city as widely as possible. 


The Barista Guild of OKC will partner with local non-profits, such as The Foundation for Oklahoma City Public Schools to benefit and support our community with fundraiser events and volunteer hours. The coffee community is dedicated to serving our city and the guild will open opportunities for us to organize and be effective at serving and loving our neighbors in OKC. 

We'll keep you posted with progress and are super stoked to be a sponsor of the Barista Guild of OKC. 

In the meantime, check out the facebook page and see what the coffee people in your neighborhood are talking about.