Alta Palla

August Lemonade Drink Specials by Steve Willingham

The new drinks for August have a theme: lemonade.

The inspiration for this month's drinks is Mikey's idea for a cold brew lemonade.

First, he took Heart's Stereo Blend, a blend of Colombia Pitalina and Ethiopia Idido, and steeped it at room temperature for fourteen hours. This gives us a cold brew coffee with a nice cherry cola taste to it.

Step two was the lemonade. Normally we only use scratch ingredients to make our drinks, including our standard menu of vanilla, chocolate, and caramel syrups. But this time, we found the perfect lemonade for this project: Alta Palla's sparkling lemonade. We use equal parts lemonade and cold brew with just a touch of simple syrup to make a refreshingly simple coffee cocktail.

You know what else pairs perfect with lemonade? Matcha! We're adding this to our secret menu. We make Woodshed Tea's matcha with a little water and lemonade and serve it over ice. Or just grab a can of sparkling lemonade because sometimes that's what summer calls for.

Last month's espresso cream sodas went over really well, so we're keeping them on for a while. And we have that homemade cherry-vanilla syrup. Have you tried it in a latte yet? It tastes like a cherry Tootsie Pop. That'll be on the specials menu as well.

Swing through and check out these tasty drinks any time this month. We're excited to have them. See you soon!