Starlight Supper / by Steve Willingham

We were so stoked when Riley at Downtown OKC Inc asked us to serve coffee at the Starlight Supper. Last night, we got to meet hundreds of culinary fans in Bicentennial Park, most of whom were trying our coffee for the first time.

Downtown OKC Inc puts this supper on annually as a way to raise money for their activities. They sum up their mission like this:

to combat community deterioration. DOKC Initiatives activities include urban research, encouragement and funding assistance for public art, identification markers, landscape projects and revitalization and beautification projects in downtown Oklahoma City. 

Among the servers were Rococo, Broadway 10 Bar & Chophouse, Guernsey Park, Museum Cafe, Nourished Food Co. You can imagine how amazing all that food was.

We served the fantastic Burundi Kinyovu from Blueprint Coffee Roasters as well as their Colombia Decaf. Basically, we just talked coffee, ate food, and enjoyed our community. Perfect.