Seasonal Tea - Wuyi Oolong / by Steve Willingham

Introducing a seasonal tea: Wuyi Oolong. 

Yes, we do tea here at Clarity Coffee. We always have a black, green, and herbal available, but this is our first oolong. This tea has incredible balance and sweetness with a little citric acidity. All our teas come to us from Urban Teahouse, the local tea experts.

This tea is from the Wuyi mountain range in Fujian, China. It's said that this is where black and oolong teas were invented, and they're still producing some of the finest teas in the world right there.

Photo courtesy of  Urban Teahouse

Photo courtesy of Urban Teahouse

Let's talk for a second about what black, green, and oolong teas are. First thing to know is that they're all leaves from the same plant, camellia sinensis. After picking, tea leaves begin to oxidize. For a green tea, this is immediately stopped through a drying process; for black teas, the leaves are allowed to fully oxidize. Oolongs are somewhere in the middle. They're partially oxidized and withered in the sun. They commonly bruise and twist the leaves, giving them their curly shape.

All teas are made by the cup, hot or iced. Some take a few minutes to prepare, but they're all worth it.