New Kenya from farmer Symon Mariku / by Steve Willingham

Today we have a new coffee from Novel Coffee Roasters out of Dallas. Kevin Betts wants to tell you a bit about it.

Symon Mariku (photo courtesy of Novel Coffee)

Symon Mariku (photo courtesy of Novel Coffee)

In June of this year, I had the privilege of visiting Njuwato Estate in Kirinyaga while on a sourcing trip in Africa. Njuwato is owned by Symon Mariku, a retired civil servant and agronomist. It was at his 12 acre estate that I saw the most intentional and sophisticated approach to cultivating and processing coffee that I'd seen on my entire trip. From crafting organic fertilizer from composted cherries and tree clippings to planting trees in basins to trap rainwater, everything was done with meticulous attention to detail. I left Njuwato with the quiet hope that we'd found a flavor goldmine. Soon after I returned to the U.S., we were able to blind cup Symon's coffee against our production Kenyas and a number of other Kenyan farms I visited. Let me tell you, I was right: goldmine. This is an extremely vibrant and dynamic cup, full of tart cranberry and juicy currant. 

Symon's annual production is extremely small, and we bought as much of his SL-28 AB lot that we could get our hands on. To celebrate this rare find, we're releasing his coffee in special limited edition packaging with hand drawn illustration from our own Ben Lytle and a postcard with extended bio on Symon.

Don't miss out.

You can come grab a bag or a cup of it right away. Just ask for Symon Mariku's coffee.