New Artist - Marissa Raglin / by Steve Willingham

We're excited to have some new unique art on the walls at Clarity. This time around, Marissa Raglin has brought us some cool collage pieces.

Here is Marissa with a little about herself:

I explore form and space in minimalistic, ethereal collage works on paper.  Creating with images removed from vintage magazines, books, and postcards, I favor the endless assemblages of collage imagery.  To maintain the integrity of the original found images, I do not manipulate my findings; I simply remove them from their surroundings.  I emphasize negative space in my works to allow the selected images room for conversation.  The crisp background acts as a springboard for the detail and fusion of the combined images.
I am an artist who thrives in process. I gather, remove, deconstruct, and arrange, in that order.  I am drawn to expressive faces, women, color, landscape and pattern.  As a part of my work, I focus on the story that develops between the images.  I determine color and shapes that complement the primary figure and communicate the narrative.  I attempt to balance the collages with sharp and fluid lines.  With differing images, it is important to me that the work is viewed as one and is employing one voice.

This art will only be here temporarily, so swing by soon to check it out. And for more info, check out Marissa's website and follow her on Twitter.