Lemma Coffee Roasters / by Caleb Savage

We’re excited to introduce to the shop a new roaster out of Denton, Texas: Lemma Coffee Roasters. Lemma was started by Daniel Baum in August of 2017 with a desire to roast and serve exceptional coffees to their community and beyond. We’ve loved their Ethiopia Guji on espresso and hope you’ve had a chance to try this sweet, sun-dried coffee as a shot of espresso or with a little bit of milk. We were able to hear from Daniel about Lemma, Denton and their approach to coffee.

Lemma Coffee Roasters.jpg

Home Barista Beginnings

Daniel got his start in coffee in high school playing with home espresso machines and making hazelnut lattes while cruising Flikr and Myspace. After a few upgrades to the home espresso setup, Daniel and his wife Shelby decided the next step in making coffee was roasting. After some trial and error on a small 500 gram roaster, Lemma was born!

“Lemma exists to educate, support, and excel our partners, customers, and coffee enthusiasts alike in the journey to the perfect cup of coffee. We do everything in our power to play our part in the process from the coffee being planted to you taking that first sip.”

Denton’s Courthouse Square

“The square is basically everything to Dentonites. There are plenty of local restaurants (Boca 31 is our favorite) and plenty of good craft beer or cocktails to be enjoyed. All of this revolves around the courthouse square. And don’t forget the live music!” If you’re interested in picking up some coffee while you’re there, order ahead and use the local pickup option. It “typically results in a tour and a free cup of coffee.”

Lemma Ethiopia Guji Espresso.jpg

Experiential Coffee

“The ideal coffee from Lemma provides an experience while consuming it. Our goal is clean coffees with easily identified flavor characteristics.” Instead of trying to make each coffee resemble each other, Lemma sets out to find the different flavor profiles each coffee has to offer instead of trying to manipulate a coffee into tasting a certain way.

We’ve got just a little bit of Lemma’s Ethiopia Guji left! Be sure to experience this coffee on espresso before it’s gone! If you’d like to try it in a Cappuccino or as a Pourover, let us know!