On bar: Kenya Gaaki / by Steve Willingham

Today we're featuring a new Kenya from Heart Roasters that we're really excited about. Here's a little about it from the roaster:

Gaaki washing station is part of the Aghuti farmers cooperative society, along with a handful of other notable Kenyan coffee producers. This year the coffee harvest in Kenya was relatively small. Because of this the members of the Gaaki washing station used space at the neighboring Tageini washing station to process their coffee. Both washing stations sit on the western slopes of mount Kenya in Nyeri county. The growing elevation is roughly 1600 MASL.

The members of the Gaaki washing station grow mostly SL 28 and SL 34. The coffee is processed in a similar fashion to our other Kenyan offerings. The coffee undergoes hand sorting and then moves through de-pulping machines. Once the coffee is de-pulped it is fermented, washed and then fermented again before being moved on to raised beds to dry.

In our cuppings we really enjoyed how floral and vibrant this coffee is. We hope you do as well! 


This will only be on bar for a really limited time, so swing by and check it out!