On Bar: Ethiopia Hunda Oli / by Steve Willingham

We've got an exciting new coffee from Heart Roasters on bar today! Ethiopia Hunda Oli

Photo courtesy of  Heart Roasters

Photo courtesy of Heart Roasters

Hunda Oli is a farming cooperative located in a town called Agaro in Oromia, Ethiopia. Oromia takes up the middle part of the country and includes the capital, the city of Addis Ababa. It's also responsible for more than half the production of coffee in Ethiopia. Like a lot of Ethiopia, farmers usually have small amounts of land, an average of just over one hectare (like two and a half acres.)

This means in most cases, the Ethiopian coffees we feature are grown by multiple farmers, and this coffee is no different. Hunda Oli is a co-op made up of 161 members growing heirloom plants on small lots.

The farmers bring their coffee to the wet mill where it's pulped, sorted, and sorted again. After fermentation, the coffee is agitated to remove the remaining mucilage, washed, and dried on raised beds.

Heart Espresso.jpg

This is a really sweet and balanced coffee. We're getting tons of orange on the espresso bar, but it tastes more like berries and rosewater on Chemex. Come try it out both ways!