On Chemex: Kenya Gituara / by Steve Willingham

Today we're brewing up a new Kenya from Heart: Gituara. This coffee is pretty exciting because it's coming to us from a lesser known area of Kenya called Embu. We'll be offering this coffee exclusively on the Chemex bar.

Here's a little about the coffee from the roaster:

Gituara comes to us from Embu. In the past few years, more and more roasters are loving the flavor profile of Embu. Recently the Gituara Factory has made strong pushes to further educate their shareholders. As is typical in Kenya, individuals or families in the region own a selection of coffee trees. All the members sell their coffee to the factory and the combined coffee comprises the entire "farm". Gituara has 400 shareholders. Not only has quality gone up but production has as well. We are predicting in the coming years coffee from Embu will be as prevalent in specialty shops as our beloved Nyeri.

The coffee is mechanically pulped and dry fermented overnight. In Kenyan style the coffee is then washed and subsequently underwater soaked for 36 hours. As much water as possible is reintegrated throughout washings, with respect with to the scarcity of water in Embu. The coffee is then placed on raised drying beds that allow for proper circulation of air. The result is one of the more balanced Kenyan offerings we've offered this year. Combining tropical flavors alongside bright red currant and but leaving you with brown sugar sweetness. 


We'll have this available via Chemex today and tomorrow, so swing by and try it out!