Ethiopian Coffee Line Up from Heart & Commonwealth / by Michael Power

This week's exceptional coffees at Clarity are two Ethiopians brought to you via Heart Roasters and Commonwealth Coffee.

The first is the Ethiopian Worka from Gedeo, Yirgacheffe roasted by Heart in Portland, OR. This heirloom varietal coffee is named after the co-op where it is processed through a de-mucilage machine, fully washed in an eco-friendly washing channel system, and then dried on raised sun beds. The harvest time for Worka ranged between November 2015 - January 2016. Worka is both certified Fair Trade as well as an organic coffee. While drinking you may notice tasting notes of peach, wildflower, and sweet honey.

The latter is the Ethiopian Illubabor (ill-loo-bah-bor) Sota roasted by Commonwealth Coffee in Denver, CO. This coffee is grown in the southwestern most province of Illubabor, bordering Sudan. The Sota co-op was formed in 2000 and this is one of the less prominent coffee producing areas of Ethiopia. This washed heirloom coffee offers notes of maple syrup, sweet herbs, pineapple, and dark chocolate. 

Both of these coffees are available on the retail shelf and will be available on the bar as well. We have the Illubabor Sota as espresso and the Worka as filter coffee via Chemex. Stop by the shop and try one of these coffees while they last!