On espresso: Colombia El Portal from Heart / by Steve Willingham

We're pulling another stellar coffee from Heart Roasters this morning: Colombia El Portal.

Here's a little about the coffee from the roaster:

It is a very special time of year here at Heart Coffee. We have our first fresh crop Colombian coffee on the menu. We are very happy to introduce you to El Portal.

El Portal is grown on the slopes of Cauca, Colombia. It sits not only east of the Huilan border, but also east of Puracé (one of the most active volcanoes in Colombia). Cauca is home to some of the higher altitude coffees in Colombia. El Portal's elevation contributes to the acidity of this coffee, which is not overly intense, but very present in the brewed cup. 

The coffee is grown by Idali Guevara Rivera. The farm is currently 1.5 hectares which is smaller than 3 football fields. In this space he grows terrific castillo variety plants. If you are unfamiliar, castillo is a newer variety created in Colombia. Castillo produces high quality crops and is resistant to roya (coffee rust). El Portal is no exemption to the variety's ability to create excellent tasting coffee. 

Swing by today to try out this coffee as an espresso, and maybe you'll catch it as a pour over tomorrow.