On Bar: Ethiopia Shakiso from Cat & Cloud / by Steve Willingham

We've got a new coffee from Cat & Cloud Coffee Roasters on bar right now from Guji, Ethiopia. Some of our favorite coffees this year are from this region. They're always fruity, sometimes with exotic tropical fruit flavors, or simply juicy citrus and super clean like this one.

More specifically, this coffee comes from one of the lesser known areas of Guji, called Shakiso. It's basically a giant forest of coffee trees, and it's a pretty dangerous place due to tribal clashes.

The trees in Guji tend to be heirloom, so they're very uniquely Guji. The cherries are dense and grown under local Acacia trees. The conditions are perfect for excellent coffee: high elevation, good soil, generations of coffee-loving farmers, basically ticking every box on the good-coffee-checklist.

Cat & Cloud has been one of our favorite roasters since the day they started. Check out this post we did the first time we featured their coffees here.

We'll have this coffee on for the next couple of days, so come by and grab a cup.