Acaia by Caleb Savage

Good news! We just received a fresh restock on our favorite scale: the acaia pearl!

Who is acaia?

Creator Aaron Takao Fujiki launched his Kickstarter for acaia (pronounced ah-kigh-ah) in October 2013 after nearly a year of research and development. His goal was to marry the needs of the specialty coffee brewer to a device that was sleek, precise, and could be integrated into the growing apps and systems for measuring and tracking coffee brewing. Four years later, acaia is the industry leader in beautiful scales that lead to quality brews.


We use the acaia pearl in the shop for pourovers, syrup-making, and drink-building, and before switching to the Victoria Arduino Black Eagle, we used the acaia lunar on bar to weigh all of our shots.

Basic Functions

Acaia Remote Scale.jpg

All scales weigh. Many weigh well. Few do things outside of being an accurate scale. We like acaia because they do everything we need them to in a way that makes sense. The acaia pearl works in two modes, having a scale option that measures up to 2000 grams in either grams or ounces in increments as small as .1g, or a second mode optimized for brewing with a stopwatch and whole gram scale visible on the display. This allows us to use the scales interchangeably for making a pourover with our Chemex brewers and then measuring ingredients for a syrup or drink.  

Connected Brewing

For the home brewer obsessed with making the perfect cup, acaia’s scales are all bluetooth-enabled to allow for tracking and comparing the quality of each pour, measuring yield and flow-rate to enable the user to better understand what’s going on in each cup and how to improve their brew.  

We love our scales because they do exactly what we need them to while being simple to use, flexible enough to be used for almost all of our measurement needs, and look great while they do it. If you’re in the market for a scale that can help make you a better home-brewer, acaia is absolutely your best option.

Victoria Arduino Black Eagle by Caleb Savage

Our espresso machine is a Victoria Arduino Black Eagle. When we switched from the La Marzocco Strada EP last April, we talked about why we love the Black Eagle. This Championship level machine has been a lot of fun to work with and shows off the expertise of Victoria Arduino’s long history with espresso.

Black Eagle Group.jpg

Founded by Pier Teresio Arduino in 1905, Victoria Arduino exists to provide espresso machines with heavily researched technologies that lead to creating the “ultimate espresso coffee machine.”

“La Victoria,” Ardunio’s first machine and the company’s namesake, was named after the victory of his first machine, the summation of all of the efforts to develop and build his machine. Over the years, Arduino developed several different machines improving design and technology as innovations in power and mechanics occurred. The desire to constantly improve and innovate in both performance and design leads to Victoria Arduino’s current offerings of 9 different machines for the home, workplace, or coffee shop.

Victoria Arduino Black Eagle.jpg

With modern machines like the White Eagle, Black Eagle, and Theresia; or with heritage models that harken back to the vertical design of early espresso machines like the Venus, Victoria Arduino’s machines are beautiful. Lucky for us (and you), they also make outstanding espresso.

Our Stagg [XF] Dripper Recipe by Steve Willingham

XF Set Up.jpg

This is how we suggest making a pour over on the new Stagg [XF] Dripper.

What you will need:
Stagg [XF] Dripper
Carafe (or Mug)
Filtered Water
Stagg [XF] Paper Filter
Freshly Roasted Coffee
Gram Scale

Find many of these items on the shop page.

XF Filter.jpg

Before You Brew

Start with fresh filtered water just off boil. We suggest 204 degrees if you're using a Fellow Stagg EKG kettle.

Set your paper filter inside the dripper.

Pour a generous amount of water through your paper filter, completely wetting the entire filter, to rinse paper dust and preheat your insulated dripper and carafe, then dump the water from the carafe. Set your dripper back onto the carafe. Alternatively, you can set the dripper onto a mug and brew directly into it.

XF Water.jpg

Grind & Bloom Coffee 

Grind 20g of fresh roasted coffee on a medium setting (about a 13 on a Baratza Encore) and add it to your filter. Give the dripper a gentle shake to flatten the bed of coffee.

Pour 40g of water over the coffee while starting a timer. Note: 1g of water = 1ml of water.

Let the coffee sit. You should see the coffee bed start to rise. This is called the bloom.

XF Brew.jpg

Concentric Circles

When your timer reads 40 seconds, pour water in slow circles of varying sizes, concentric around center of the coffee bed. Keep the pour steady, but try to hit 320g of water at the same time your timer reads 1:45.

XF Brewing Wide.jpg

The Draw Down

Allow the coffee to draw down through the filter. When liquid is no longer visible on your bed of coffee, pull the dripper off of your carafe and set it in the drip cup, gather the filter at the edges and throw the coffee grounds and filter in the compost or trash. You're ready to serve your coffee. The entire process should take about two and a half minutes.

XF Draw Down.jpg

Our Chemex recipe can be found here, and more brew guides can be found here.

We also recommend Fellow's fill up method

New Things from Fellow! by Steve Willingham

Last week, Caleb wrote a blog post about one of our favorite coffee innovators, Fellow Products.

We've been selling their Stagg Kettle since the beginning, but starting today, we have a few new items from them.

The Stagg EKG

Fellow Stagg EKG.jpg

The Stagg Kettle is not only beautiful, but perfectly balanced and easy to use. The EKG combines everything we love about the original Stagg with an electronic heating element controlled by a PID, the same technology on our equipment here at the shop.

It comes with a simple LED screen, an intuitive knob, an easy switch for Fahrenheit or Celsius, and a stopwatch, so you can keep track of your brew time.

They also produce an EKG+ model that you can connect to your Acaia App and scales. We have decided not to carry this model, but they are available on Fellow's online shop.

The Stagg Double Wall Glass Carafe

This handblown glass carafe is simple, elegant, and practical.

Fellow Stagg Carafe.jpg

We've always considered the Chemex the most beautiful way to serve a coffee, but Fellow is making that competition a tight race. The simple aesthetic, especially when paired with their other items, make it feel like a modern classic.

Its double wall is designed for heat retention, but also protects your hands, so you don't need anything that might obstruct the view of brewing coffee. Its inner wall traces the outer wall rather than running straight down, preventing wasted space, and improving on the look of double walled carafes we've seen in the past.

The Stagg [XF] Dripper

I was saving the most exciting news for last. Starting today, we have started using the Stagg [XF] Dripper for all our pour overs at the shop.

Don't get me wrong. We're still in love with Chemex, and we always will be.

Modbar Stagg XF.jpg

The Stagg [XF] is a step forward in pour over innovation. By creating a vacuum insulated stainless steel dripper, Fellow has made progress in one of hand-brewed coffee's haunting flaws: slurry temperature.

Slurry refers to the coffee and water mixture that sits in the filter during the brewing process, and its temperature is paramount. The hotter the water, the faster the coffee solubles are extracted. If the temperature of your water is inconsistent, your extraction will be inconsistent.

By drawing water directly from our water boiler using the ModBar, we felt we made great strides in temperature stability, and we've always been proud of the coffee we serve. But now, by insulating the dripper, we are ensuring that the heat isn't leaking out of the sides of the device, protecting the slurry from inconsistency during the brew process.

This is just the next step in our pursuit of the perfect cup.

So come by and try out a cup of KLLR's finest from our new Stagg [XF] Drippers, check out the online shop if you're interested in having one of your own, and circle back around to the blog on Thursday to check out our brew recipe!