New Artist - P Brewster by Steve Willingham

It's that time again. Sadly, Bek Barkocy's acrylic paintings, one of our best art showings ever is gone. But now we have an amazing new show from P Brewster. The pieces are powerful and colorful, and we couldn't be happier about working with her.

 ANOMALY mixed media on canvas

ANOMALY mixed media on canvas

P Brewster is a pseudonym for an anonymous local Oklahoma City artist. While she does strive for her art to be appreciated by the masses, she finds that anonymity provides her "the freedom to create" and to "escape the expectations that can sometimes taint the creative process."

To P Brewster, the creative process is the whole point. "I often find the career I was formally educated and trained for to be rigid, demanding and stressful. Two years ago I discovered that painting was a safe way to deposit the chaos of emotions that can brew within. It is only recently that I have made the decision to share my work publicly."

P Brewster Clarity Coffee.jpg

"Much like the dichotomy between rigid and freedom, or recognized art and an unknown artist, my work itself could easily appear conflicting. Each piece shares a thread of organically controlled disorder. The bold and intentionally chosen color palettes create a playful contrast when clusters of happy accidents all merge to form a perfect union. My style and technique of organized upheaval have developed through years of self-exploration."

As always, the artwork hanging at Clarity is available for sale. If you're interested in learning more about this, contact the curator: Aaron Morvan

 MIDNIGHT MARCO mixed media on canvas

MIDNIGHT MARCO mixed media on canvas

Palate Training: Berries Recap by Steve Willingham

palate training class.jpg

We had a great time hosting our third palate training at the shop today! Focusing on Sun-Dried Processing and Berries, Aria and Caleb walked through the basics of how we taste, coffee processing, and then compared the different berries to each other and KLLR Coffee’s Sun-Dried Ethiopia!

We use palate trainings as a way to share coffee with friends and demystify the idea that tasting notes in coffee is only for real coffee drinkers. Your palate is shaped by the foods you like and don’t like, the experiences you’ve had, and the number of coffees you’ve drank.

How We Taste


Aria took us back to Elementary school to remind us of the five parts of taste (sour, sweet, salty, bitter, & savory or umami) and then discussed how aromatics, tactile sensations like body or mouthfeel, and involuntary reactions like puckering can influence our perception of taste. In short, blueberries taste like our perception of blueberries. If we think critically about what we are tasting: examining the sourness, sweetness, aroma, etc. of each item, we can relate the different attributes of that food to things like wine, cheese, or coffee!

Sun-Dried Processing

palate training processing.jpg

Processing refers to the process of transforming coffee from coffee cherry to coffee bean, ready to be roasted. In the Sun-Dried process, coffee cherries are picked and dried on raised beds with the fruit still attached to seeds. This drying process imparts wild flavors onto the beans that are vibrant, juicy, and sweet.


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Coffee Mocktail Night Recap by Steve Willingham

Clarity Coffee Mocktail Night

Tanner's plan for a Coffee Mocktail Night was exciting from the start, but Thursday night, we had way more fun than we ever anticipated. Thank you to everyone who came out to support the event and hang out with us! Check out the pictures below.

Right now there aren't any plans for a second mocktail party, but this is definitely something we would consider doing again. If you have a favorite cocktail that you want to see turned into a coffee drink, hit us up on Instagram and let us know!

To review the menu, you can head back to our Mocktail Night post.

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Barbershop Barista Battle! by Steve Willingham

Barbershop Barista Battle

Friday night, we had a blast heading over to Capital City Barbershop for a little friendly competition. Our own Tanner Ruminer stepped up to run this latte art competition under his Bygone Coffee catering brand. The turnout was fantastic, especially when you consider that this event was taking place outside of the traditional coffee shop setting.

We want to give a big thank you to Jake over at Capital City for hosting and to Tanner for organizing. And a shout out to Devin Parham on taking home the W.

It's amazing to see the Oklahoma City coffee community branch out and seek new venues for our events. Where will the next one be?

And with no further ado, pictures!