New Woodshed Tea Packaging! by Steve Willingham

One of our favorite local tea purveyors in OKC, Woodshed Tea, has just revamped their packaging. And it looks super slick.

Check it out!

In celebration with them, we're going to do their amazing matcha lattes all day for just $1 on July 14. These are always on the menu here, but today's a very special day, and everyone should be drinking their tea today.

If you're interested in hearing a little bit more from them, the owner, Sam, wrote this really detailed piece on there oolong a few months back. 

Stop by any time today and grab a matcha for $1. We're looking forward to it!

New Artist - Katelynn Noel Knick by Steve Willingham

Today, we've got new art at the shop! This time it's from a Tulsa native turned Oklahoma City neighbor named Katelynn Noel Knick. Here's a bit about her work in her own words:

Inspired by abstract expressionism, DIY techniques, and daydreaming, I use color combinations, mark-making, and movement to explore the idea of space. Growing up I was always inspired by my father, an artist at heart and a draftsman by career, who would destroy and rebuild the spaces in our home to better suit our interests. Living in a home that was always physically changing changed the way I perceived and interacted with the spaces around me. As an artist, I am inspired by this and find myself creating and altering my own spaces. Each space is ambiguous and unique to the person who enters it.

I use playful color combinations and the movement of layering various marks and shapes to create an imagined space that is subtle, yet confrontational and inviting. Ambiguous clusters of marks and colors, thin lines that draw lingering connections, and lumpy overlapping forms all collectively create associations, sensations, and experiences that vary, offering a unique, connection to be formed.

Recently I’ve been using drawings and paintings as maps, to then create objects and installations with the purpose of expanding the experience of abstract painting and creating an environment that can be physically explored. This area of my work allows me to experiment with materials and use the space around me as a site specific, temporary canvas.

So Cozy I Could Never Leave

So Cozy I Could Never Leave

New July Special! Maple Pecan Cold Brew! by Steve Willingham

We have created a new special for July: the Maple Pecan Cold Brew. It's exactly what it sounds like. Cold brew, sweetened with maple syrup, and mixed with pecan milk for a creamy texture and unique flavor.

That doesn't mean last month's specials are going anywhere. While the Big Red flavor is gone, we do still have espresso cream sodas and cold brew lemonades!

Keep an eye out for some other exciting things coming later in the month!

June Specials! New Big Red Flavor and Return of the Cold Brew Lemonade by Steve Willingham

June is here! Time for new specials!

Last month, we brought back one of our favorites: Espresso Cream Soda. This drink started last year with the simple idea that espresso and home made cream soda go together naturally. It's sweet and creamy but foamy, kind of reminiscent of a root beer float.

We took that an extra step last month by using peppermint tea from Urban Tea House to add an extra layer of deliciousness. It was really exciting to play with this style of drink, so we decided this month would be a good opportunity to try something completely different. Instead of sweet or herbal, we went spicy.

Caleb created a recipe using another Urban Tea House tea, Rooibos Zanzibar, a tea we featured in February's Red Tea Latte. Obviously, it's a favorite of ours. The clove and cinnamon come out nicely, giving a cold refreshing drink a warm finish. It reminds us a lot of that classic drink, Big Red, so that's what we're going to call it.

We're also going to feature another popular drink from last year: Cold Brew Lemonade. You can check out last year's post for more info, but this is one you'll want to try!