June Specials! New Big Red Flavor and Return of the Cold Brew Lemonade by Steve Willingham

June is here! Time for new specials!

Last month, we brought back one of our favorites: Espresso Cream Soda. This drink started last year with the simple idea that espresso and home made cream soda go together naturally. It's sweet and creamy but foamy, kind of reminiscent of a root beer float.

We took that an extra step last month by using peppermint tea from Urban Tea House to add an extra layer of deliciousness. It was really exciting to play with this style of drink, so we decided this month would be a good opportunity to try something completely different. Instead of sweet or herbal, we went spicy.

Caleb created a recipe using another Urban Tea House tea, Rooibos Zanzibar, a tea we featured in February's Red Tea Latte. Obviously, it's a favorite of ours. The clove and cinnamon come out nicely, giving a cold refreshing drink a warm finish. It reminds us a lot of that classic drink, Big Red, so that's what we're going to call it.

We're also going to feature another popular drink from last year: Cold Brew Lemonade. You can check out last year's post for more info, but this is one you'll want to try!


Copper Tap Roasting Company by Steve Willingham

Starting today, we are featuring an exciting new coffee from some of our friends in Enid. I asked them to tell us a little about themselves and the Ethiopia Yirgacheffe that we love so much. Here's what they had to say:

Copper Tap Roasting Company’s story is quite unique. We are a not-for-profit coffee roasting company that has set a coffee standard in our community that didn't quite exist before. Eight years ago, while taking a family trip to Enid, Oklahoma, Sarah and Jeremiah Herrian decided that they would attempt to bridge the gap between the churches of Enid and the poor that was so prevalent in their area. It started as weekly park and apartment outreaches and has morphed into an Emergency Shelter, residence for former inmates, a community garden, a chic 5,000 sq. ft. “Pay it Forward” coffeehouse, and as of late, Copper Tap Roasting Company.
Copper Tap is an influential mark on our community. It has broken the familiarity of mediocre coffee and educated its community with the knowledge of great coffee. Copper Tap exists for a few reasons; To support local needs such as food and clothing for the poor, and to create a love and excitement for exceptionally roasted coffee. 

Sarah Herrian, owner of Five80 Coffeehouse, where Copper Tap is located, wanted the ability to expand our profit margins in order to give more to the poor. In doing so, we let our need be known as we started fundraising for our most expensive purchase yet, our coffee roaster. Chad Eastin, our first influential roaster, was instrumental in getting the equipment necessary to produce the coffee that we knew we could. Now, just 2 years in, Sam Graham has taken our coffee from humble beginnings to premier coffee. 

Legesse Kebede // Ethiopia

Location: Yirgacheffe
Farm/Washing Station: Local small farmers / Legesse Kebede Washing Station
Varietal: Heirloom
Process: Washed
Elevation: 1800-2100 m
Cup notes: Lemon, Rose, Green Tea

New Artist - Gregory Brindley by Steve Willingham

We just hung some outstanding photographs by local photographer, Gregory Brindley

Gregory Brindley is a professional photographer based in Oklahoma City. He earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Film Production from Oklahoma City University and has been working successfully as a freelance photographer in OKC for the past five years. 

His professional work includes publications and marketing outlets for the Oklahoma City Museum Of Art, Hobby Lobby, Lyric Theatre, various OKC restaurants, and private commissions. His work has been published in NewsOK, Slice, OKCMOA Connect, and other publications and media outlets. 

His personal work includes studies in abstraction, landscape and street photography. For Greg, photography is a practice in focus and awareness as well as interacting and connecting with his surroundings. Traveling is a passion of his that allows him to explore these practices in depth.

Come explore this unique photography. Gregory Brindley's work will be around for the next two months. Thanks to Aaron at HANG(ON) Design for setting us up with such amazing artists!

May Specials! Espresso Cream Soda! by Steve Willingham

The Espresso Cream Soda is back!

This one was a favorite last year. We use a house made vanilla syrup, Heart's Stereo Espresso, sparkling water and organic cream to create a coffee cocktail that is sweet and balanced and ridiculously refreshing.

We've got a little something up our sleeves to expand on this drink in a couple of weeks. Can't wait to share!

As always, we have iced teas and cold brew this time of year. 

Right now we have a super tasty blend of Colombia and Ethiopia for our cold brew that tastes like cherry cola. It's perfect for hot days, and there are plenty of those on the way.

For tea, we've always got our English Breakfast black tea and Gunpowder green tea, but right now we're brewing Urban Teahouse's Rooibos Zanzibar. We were shocked at how amazing this tea is iced. Its spices come out strong, but it's still refreshing and sweet without any sugar added. It is definitely a good caffeine free option.

Oh, and don't forget about iced matchas! We always have Matcha Lattes on the menu, featuring Woodshed Tea's amazing matcha blend, but don't forget that anything on the menu can be iced, including matcha. It's sweet and savory, and when it's iced, it's reminiscent of ice cream.

May is an exciting time for us because we get to start making all our favorite iced drinks. Come out and try some!